Her book blurb
Little Girl Blu JonBenét Inside Circle Theory -It has now been nearly twenty years since the tragic death of JonBenét Ramsey and the case grows colder. Little Girl Blu sheds new light on this terrible crime to give a different and fresh analysis. By presenting the evidence in a new manner, it shows that previously thought notions of how the murder was committed do not stack up, and that many original suspects provided a number of contradictory statements. Respectful and demonstrative, rather than accusatory, Little Girl Blu gives one of the saddest and most mysterious murder cases in US history, a restored hope that we can at least come closer to solving it, to make sure justice is finally given. Who will stand in JonBenét’s shoes?
I don't know who this author is but have just ordered her book and will invite her here to post with us.
Wasnt there a sweetie bee apart of webbsleuths??? wonder if its her!!!!
Just got an email. She will be sending me a copy and I will let you know what i think.

If it is true her theory is that LHP and her circle of friends need much closer investigation, I already agree 101%
OK, so I got the book and willingly admit I am confused.

I absolutely agree with her that Linda Hoffmann-Pugh and her circle needs to be investigated - not considered cleared of any involvement because Mervin was probably drunk and too lazy to be involved or because Linda cried hysterically when asked to write the word "beheaded". While I do NOT believe either of them murdered JonBenet, I think there is a GREAT possibility they were the link between the killer and the victim.

Sweetie Bee seems to believe Linda planned the crime. At least planned part of what happened, the theory being it may have been a botched plan in the end.

There we divide pretty clearly.

On the writing - it seemed disjointed to me, like she was thinking aloud and it ended up in print. I felt some of her information was confusing - she proved a bit of misinformation to be false - - then included it in her theory. I would like to see her work with an editor educated in the Ramsey case and make a better argument against her suspect. JMO

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