Santa Bill McReynolds
    Bill McReynolds was a retired journalism professor who played Santa at several Ramsey holiday parties and knew the family well.  Although there were many reasons to suspect Santa Bill listed below, he was fully investigated and ultimately cleared by DNA and also not physically able to commit such a crime due to his failing health.
·        Apparent obsession with JonBenet – he called JB his special friend and had a photo of her on his mantle.
·        A note written from Bill to JB was found in JB’s trash can after the murder.
·        His own daughter had been kidnapped at the age of 9 along with a friend on the exact same day, December 26th, in the 1970’s.  The friend was sexually molested and they were both ultimately returned unharmed.
·        Bill McReynold’s wife, Janet McReynold’s, wrote a play about a teenage girl who was kept in a basement and sexually molested and was ultimately murdered.  This play was about the true story of Sylvia Likens.
·        The month of one of JB’s friends had told LE that JB told her just before her murder that “Santa” was going to bring JB a special gift after Christmas.
Bill McReynolds had been touted as an expert in the American Realists, a movement in American Literature.

The fact that anyone associated in any way with the American Realists would focus on Santa Claus is itself absurd since the founder of the movement became violently ill every December with the "nonsense of Christmas spirit". McSanta's Doctoral Dissertation which he also commercially published involved a comparison of Pollyanna and Disney World.
Some case commenters have compared JonBenet and Patsey Ramsey to Pollyannas, simply incapable of embracing the existence of evil.

McSanta talked about playing SantaClaus more times and in more countries than he ever actually worked at being a Santa.
I believe there were indications that McSanta's frail health was not quite as frail as claimed, such as carrying a suitcase.

I also believe some evidence collected by the police at his home was simply supplied to them but not collected by them.

I think it significant that there was a wide divergence in the recollections of McSanta and the recollections of Patsy Ramsey concerning their initial meeting at the mall's Delicatession.

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