The Whites
Fleet and Priscilla White were very close friends of the Ramsey family.  The Ramseys spent Christmas evening at the Whites house.  They were among the first people Patsy called the morning she found the RN and JB missing.  They have been investigated and cleared by DNA.  Some odd things made them suspects in the beginning.
  • A few days before the murder during a party at the Ramsey's house, Fleet said accidentally dialed 911 while trying to order prescription meds for his mother who was in the hospital.  Some speculated this could be because he wanted to check the response time.  The police arrived and were told it was an accident.
  • The morning of the 26th while JB was missing, Fleet said he went to the basement and saw the open/broken window.  He said he shut it and latched it.  He also said he picked up a piece of glass from the floor and set it on the window sill.
  • He was sent by Det. Linda Ardnt to search the entire house around 1pm with John Ramsey and was with him when he found the body.
  • He picked up the piece of duct tape after JR had removed it from JB's mouth. He said he picked it up to look at it then set it back down.
  • The Whites had a falling out with the Ramsey's during the funeral trip to Atlanta and never spoke again.
  • To this day, the Whites have never openly said that they believe the Ramseys to be innocent.

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