John Gardiner
John Gardiner, 47 was a homeless man who was working at Pasta Jay's Restaurant, owned by Jay Elowsky, who is a close friend and business partner of John Ramsey.

Media reports state Gardiner was arrested on June 10, 1999 for attempting to stab Jay Elowsky with a knife. Gardiner claimed he had proof that Pasta Jay Elowsky was involved in JonBenet's death. Gardiner had claimed he had seen the names of the children coming up out of the sidewalk behind the criminal justice center and that the children were crying out for vengeance because Pasta Jay had killed JonBenet Ramsey. 

Reports were that Jay Elowsky was in Michigan when JonBenet was killed and has never been a suspect.
Later, Gardiner took samples of Pasty Jay's handwriting out of the trash and sent it to a handwriting analyst to be compared to the ransom note. The analyst found no similarities between Jay's writing and the RN - - but DID think Gardiner's writing had some strong similarities and contacted the police about that. The police never got back to talk about it. Eventually that handwriting expert contacted me and I let LE know some out here were very aware of the situation - - - but they never said they'd look into it. Wondere if they did.

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