Intruder/Killer profiles
John Albert Taylor was raised in Florida where he said he was abused as a child and became involved in drugs by his teens. Taylor stated that he did not get along with his stepfather, a Vietnam veteran, or his mother: "But she could never control me. My mother had a lot of animosity toward my father. They alienated me for a long time. I was the whipping post."
At the age of 13, he stabbed his stepfather. According to court records, he repeatedly raped his sister Laurie during his teens, assaulted other young girls, and was committed to a sex offender program by his parents.
In 1977, Taylor was charged with burglary and carrying a concealed weapon after he was caught with a stolen gun. He was convicted and imprisoned until December 1981. Three months later, he was arrested in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for armed burglary, armed robbery, and sexual assault.
He had been diagnosed at the age of 17 as "a remorseless pedophile." He was acquitted of the charges in September 1982, but was sentenced to 15 additional years in prison for parole violations. In 1989, Taylor was released and departed for Utah to be with his sisters and biological father.
Death of Charla King
At around 3:20 p.m. on June 23, 1988, Sherron King returned from work to her apartment in Washington Terrace, Utah to find her daughter Charla in the bedroom with a nightgown wrapped around the head and panties stuffed in the mouth. After calling the police, she was instructed to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and discovered that Charla had been strangled to death with a telephone cord.
Charla's foster grandmother Bertha Poster stated that she had dropped off Charla at the apartment at about 1:30 p.m. after visiting the mall. Charla had been planning to celebrate her 12th birthday at an amusement park on the next day.
On June 25, a tipster, who was later revealed to be Taylor's sister Laurie Galli, contacted Washington Terrace Police officer Marsha Gathercole with information connected to the murder.[12] Taylor's fingerprints were found on a telephone in the King residence and matched to records provided by authorities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was arrested at about 9 p.m. on June 28 at the home of his half-sister Tresa Taylor in Ogden, Utah and charged with first-degree murder the next morning. Taylor arrived from Florida four days before the murder and had been staying with another sister in the same apartment complex.

############He was executed by firing squad.######################
Jesse Timmendequas - murdered Megan Kanaka

"...Megan had not been found. Police conducted a door-to-door search of the neighborhood. They began to focus their attention on Timmendequas's house because they learned that another resident, Joseph Cifelli, was a convicted sex offender. Another resident of the house, Brian Jenin, was also a paroled sex offender. The three men had met at New Jersey's Avenel Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center for sexual offenders.
During the door-to-door search, police said that Timmendequas appeared extremely nervous. He agreed to accompany the police to headquarters for questioning, saying that he would help police in any way he could.
After 24 hours of continued searches had failed to locate Megan, Timmendequas allegedly confessed and led police to Megan's body. Megan was found dumped in some weeds at a nearby county park.
Prosecutors alleged that Timmendequas lured Megan into his home by telling her she could see his puppy dog. The state contended that Timmendequas raped Megan and strangled her after placing two plastic bags over her head. Timmendequas gratuitously killed Megan, according to the state, to prevent her from being a witness to the assault.
The prosecution said that Timmendequas carried Megan's body out of the house in a toy box and dumped it in the county park. He then allegedly tried to cover up the crime by using ammonia to wash down his steps, the toy box and his truck.
The Defendant
Timmendequas has two prior sex convictions. In 1979, Timmendequas pled guilty to attempted aggravated sexual assault in connection with the attack of a 5-year-old girl in Piscataway, New Jersey. He was given a suspended sentence on the condition that he go obtain counseling. Court records showed that Timmendequas did not live up to those terms, and he served nine months in Middlesex Adult Correctional Center.
In 1981, Timmendequas was arrested in another incident involving the assault of a 7-year-old girl. He eventually pled guilty to attempted sexual contact and to attempting to cause serious bodily injury in connection with the assault. Timmendequas spent six years at Avenel. When released, he moved into the Hamilton Township house, owned by roommate Joseph Cifelli's mother, where he allegedly murdered Megan."

Again - - why are we releasing these monsters back into society?
Johnny is right, the killer of JonBenet Ramsey has an "ugly, cold and ruthless heart".

I challenge any BORG to show me evidence of the Ramseys fitting that bill.
Thank you for sharing these!

Can you imagine what would happen if we'd ended up blaming Robert Rank for his stepdaughter's death because of our sloppy police work or mishandling? Or what if we'd publicly indicted Mr. & Mrs. Kunash for the murder and rape of their daughter in the press and media?

These case studies surely provide pause for people who toss out cavalier indictment(s) of the Ramsey family.
But they also remind me that we have an obligation to make it right when we have failed to deliver the truly sick among us to justice.
What gets me is the "gang mentality" that seems to take hold in some forums (online and off). They start blaming the parents and NOTHING related to the intruder theory is accepted.

These people can accept that Westerfield killed Danielle van Dam (I don't think he did). They accept Couey killing Jessica Lunsford. They see cases where people who we KNOW killed their kids have a history of mental illness, anger issues and custody battles. They project those things onto this case -- and "The Ramseys are the Killas". Nothing can change their minds.

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