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So I downloaded the book, finished Johnny Kerns' book and this is my next project. 

Page two already lets us know who they don't like.  They are talking about the end of the Ramsey call.  Correctly say the 911 operator was still engaging Patsy and entering information - - and "unbelievably, Patsy tried to hang up."

Patsy was in a panic, she had called for help, explained the situation and had to believe help would be there soon.  I personally fully understand why she would get off the phone - - she needed help THERE, not on the phone.  She needed to talk to John and think about who might have done this.  She didn't need to be talking to an operator, she wanted a COP!
No page numbers on the kindle book so this may be tricky. At the bottom of the pages there is a % but pages 2, 3 and 4 all say 2% - - that is no good. They also have a "location number" - whatever that is, and those change so I will use those numbers instead of page numbers.

Location 156 - according to the book, neither John nor Patsy could remember if either of the kids had left the car to deliver gifts to the Walker or Stine house on Christmas eve.

Not true
"We pulled up the driveway at the Walkers' and Patsy took a small package to the door, talked for a few minutes and returned to the car." [DOIpg8)
"Then we drove a few blocks to the Stines' house. Patsy had bid on three gift baskets at a recent silent auction benefit, she and Burke took one of the packages to their door. We had another basket in the trunk of the car intended for our friends the Fernies', but we decided it was to late now to make any more visits. We would deliver their gift when we returned from Michigan." [DOIpg8]
same location - Long after the murder, Burke was asked if he remembered how JonBenet got in the house that night - and, to be honest, the kid obviously wasn't sure. They had reached that house so many times, sometimes she walked in, other times she was carried. He started out saying she was carried in but later did change his answer. Was he really correcting an error? Was he confused? Or maybe was he thinking they were going to keep asking until he gave them the answer they wanted? I don't know but in this book they say he saw his sister WALK into the house.

Next page location 177, they say John told police he had read to JonBenet then changed his statement and claimed he read to himself in his bed before going to sleep. John says he NEVER said he read to JonBenet and the mistake was on the part of the cops who were there that day and wrote their reports days later.

I believe John as if it WAS a lie, it was a really stupid one, contradicting what he was saying within the same hour. I have seen other errors in the police reports and honestly believe police officers writing reports much later and in situations where they really were in over their heads.... I think it was human error on the part of the police.

The other issue was Patsy saying JonBenet had been wearing the red top. Since that is really what she had planned for JonBenet to wear Christmas evening, I think that was Patsy's statement, understandable because she was in shock and panic. I think that one was an innocent error on HER part - - - and a stupid thing to lie about if trying to stage something.
Ok, I have figured out how to quickly explain this book. Kind of like BORG 101.

This is a group of people dedicated to the promotion of the theory "The Ramseys are the Killas". That mantra was put up on computer screens in the BPD "War Room" right after the murder and the only regret those people have is that the ransom note wasn't signed TRATK instead of S.B.T.C

Following the rules of the BORG, all thoughts, statements, indeed all BELIEFS must support that group mindset.

Early on, very early on, the police may have been willing to look in all directions, but it is clear that the FBI advised them this was (statistically proven) a domestic incident. Look at the parents. Get their statements but understand they will be deceitful. From there things would always lean that way.
So we have this set up where the police are talking to the Ramseys on the 26th, not taking notes but talking with other cops who have been talking to the FBI or their wives or lovers or reporters or... who knows who?

They are not doing proper interviews so they were not taking official statements. Too bad, because when a person is properly interviewed they are shown a copy of the interview and a chance to fix any errors they see there. No, here the notes made hours or days later by police became "fact" even if they went against what the Ramseys had been saying - and witnessed by others, their friends, other people.

Because the BORG was just getting started, no one knew the rules but the BPD sure knew the focus was (according to the FBI)n the parents and it follows that if you might help that team effort you would ... by not giving the Ramseys the benefit of a doubt. Certainly if you thought they may have said something incriminating, you would not go ASK themto clear upthe question. The standard thing to do was to just release the negative thought and see if that triggered some confession.

So we have a cop saying maybe Patsy said JonBenet was wearing the red top when she went to bed. Or maybe John said he read to JonBenet after they got home.

Had the Ramseys been shown a report they would have corrected it, but they were not given a chance.

So those statements, possibly a false memory of one officer, was repeated to ten cops and went into the affidavits to get search warrants. Repeated 3 times, each seemed to become BORG driven FACT!

That is what this book is about - not giving the Ramseys the benefit of a doubt, promoting anything that can possibly make them look bad.

Patsy hung up the phone, a sign of guilt. She told one of the cops the gun he was wearing was making her fearful, it was just something she wasn't used to and ... what if the people who had her daughter were threatening her with a gun. She found the gun upsetting and asked the officer to put it away. Surely THAT is evidence of guilt.

Ignore the FACT that the DNA mixed with her blood in her panties was that of an unknown male. Ignore theFACT that the handwriting was far from a match. Ignore the FACT that the cord and the tape and stun gun couldn't be linked to the parents. This is a BORG operation so denying she killed her daughter was really an admission. Vomiting was an admission. It had to be because in the BORG world, everything proves teir guilt.

And that, simply put, is what this book says.

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