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Location 623 - Sickening misrepresentation. DG claims the top third of JonBenet's hymen was missing and the lack of obvious injury tearing that third off means it was from previous molestation. (not a quote but what they said.)

OK, so when I was in Colorado and sitting with Dr. Mike Doberson, he gave me a crash course in little girls' hymens - more than I ever hoped to need to know. In short, the facts are these - -
Little girls hymens differ greatly from child to child.
The differences can be compared to the shape of a person's eyes. Some are larger, some smaller. Some lids are heavier and fuller than others. Some eyes are almond shaped, others round - and there is every shape in between.
Some kids have flesh under the eye, others have little.

Some little girls have hymens that cover a lot of the vaginal opening, others have a half circle, some have a little rim.

He showed me a book used by emergency room doctors to determine if a child has been assaulted. The size of the opening matters, but evidence of stretching and tearing and bruising and healing tears matter more when determining if a child has been molested. Also important is the demeanor of the child.

JonBenet showed evidence of an assault that night but Dr. Doberson was sure there was NO evidence of any prior assault. Dr. Beuf said her demeanor at visits to his office made it clear to HIM that she was not a victim in the past.

But in this BORG book, the shape of her hymen was clear evidence of prior assault. a third of her hymen was missing. (No mention of scars or healing - - but it apparently was good enough for the BORG followers.

I say that is sick.
BORG book says tissue was retracted and eroded due to ongoing abuse. Doesn't share reports or name doctors. I think they paid for some "experts" to discuss a hypothetical - - did not share the photos or slides - - and the experts agreed with the theory they were pushing. Dale Yeager of Seraph admitted writing reports only so interrogators could "push buttons" in combative interrogations - and I think their unnamed "experts" hold as much credibility as Yeager.

It as noted - - correctly IMO, that her vagina did appear larger than one would have expected a 6 year old girls' vagina to appear IF SHE HAD NOT BEEN ASSAULTED JUST BEFORE DEATH!
But, dear reader, that is not evidence of long term abuse or molestation. It is evidence that she was assaulted that night! I agree there was evidence of an assault that night. No one in their right mind could deny that.

But let's look for evidence of any PRIOR assault. Healing bruises, healed tears, scars. There was nothing.

The BORG can just push those facts aside. They MUST prove ongoing abuse.

(Though for the life of me I don't know why. If I was BORG I would go with the evidence - - no prior assault. Just say the family assaulted her that night and went to far. But the BORG picked a position and stands by it - - the Ramseys were awful, sadistic, sexually sadistic parents who hurt their children. Physical evidence be damned - - their theory has to fit the fact - - or the lies have to fit the theory. it's how BORG tells the story.)

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