Book available online
His book is now free to read, but I paid to have it printed out so I can have it when he changes his mind.

So I know who he is, the role he played.  I have the FAX sent to him by Darnay - it is posted in the Darnay thread and in this area as wwell..   I know about his BORG position and his marriage to Judith Phillips who also found the BORG position a money-maker.

(Yeah, I don't like either of them much.  Sure they feel the same about me.)

Interesting tiny bit he wrote in his book - quoted here:

"By December, 1997, I accepted the inevitable. My home would be foreclosed upon and I would be homeless within a few months. I charged my last credit card to the limit to buy Christmas presents for my boys."

And on Judith's situation, we have this from Miller's book.

"By April, 1997, editors for the grocery store tabloids had made offers to Judith for her photographs. Network reporters, newspapers, magazines and marketing agencies were calling. Meanwhile, her divorce from her husband had become a quagmire. Her husband feared repercussions from John should Judith sell her work to anyone. Though aware that Judith wanted a divorce, he would not leave the home, nor was he paying the bills. As the financial ties of the marriage broke down, the tabloid offers of money became less complimentary and more a necessity for her impending divorce.

Since John and Patsy were clients of his, Phillips wanted to keep his wife’s artwork out of the hands of the press. When she decided to sell her photographs to the National Enquirer, Phillips refused to release her work from his safety deposit box. Judith then had to hire an attorney to retrieve the property from her husband’s control. In August, 1997, Robert Phillips moved out of the family home."

(I think the correct term would be he would not pay HER bills, not "the" bills. He was a lawyer and hardly likely to let his credit take a hit. JMO)
If you want to know the flavor of this book, it is decidedly BORG. Any BORG myth is golden and anyone supporting the BORG theory must be right.

I specifically looked for his detailed story on his "work" for Darnay and the FAX which, IMO, totally discredited his (Miller's) involvement in this case. I didn't find the FAX in his book - - but it certainly is available online and not forgotten.

But I did find this on my favorite college Professor from Vassar who proved himself to be a fraud, a fake, a charlatan and an all around jerk.


"Don Foster, a professor in linguistics at Vassar College, is another citizen who voluntarily applied his professional expertise to the Ramsey case’s prime piece of evidence. Professor Foster had received worldwide recognition for his controversial work in identifying the authorship of a previously unknown work by William Shakespeare,[16] Ted Kaczynski as the Unabomber and Joe Kline, the originally anonymous author of Primary Colors. Hunter contacted Professor Foster and interested him in analyzing the ransom note. The linguistics professor came to the same conclusion as various handwriting experts, psycholinguistic and FBI profilers and a legion of other investigators: Patsy Ramsey wrote the note. Professor Foster explained his findings in March, 1998, to police and prosecutors.

While Dr. Hodges studied the ransom note for psychological fingerprints, Professor Foster examined it for stylistic similarities between it and Patsy’s Christmas letters, personal notes and other available writing samples. He analyzed the grammar, syntax, word choice, punctuation, characteristic use of parts of speech, etc.

District Attorney Hunter learned from the Ramsey attorneys that the professor had sent Patsy a note of condolence before doing his analysis of the letter. So had many, many other good citizens, stunned by the savagery of the crime. Rather than acknowledging the change in circumstances now that Professor Foster had studied the actual text of the ransom note, Hunter rejected the expert’s opinion. No matter which expert said to the DA that the note was Patsy’s creation, Hunter rejected their work. If such reports were to be acknowledged as valid, as they surely would have been by a fully informed and attentive grand jury, the arrest of Patsy would become inevitable. For some reason, that result was an anathema to the grand jury.

Professor Foster’s note with his condolences irreparably damaged his credibility for Hunter.[17] Shakespeare’s most extravagant comedy or tragedy couldn’t envision a story with so faithless an ending as Professor Foster’s damnation as a faithless and untruthful expert."

That is evidence that this book is a waste of time unless you want details about his life, heart problems, mean first wife and involvement with Judith Phillips and Craig Lewis. I will skim through it for my own education but it will be like walking in the sewer.
Very interesting stuff, jameson~

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