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Has anyone considered the possibility that jonbenet tried to kill herself that night, that she was so distraught that she stood on a chair and tied a rope around her own neck? I know she was only six, but even young children can be pushed to a certain limit and crack. Could patsy have found her daughter almost dead from strangulation and because that would blow the illusion of a perfect family, further staging might have taken place. Or the rope was so tight, it would not come off and it was clear she was in great distress and dying. Could someone have finished the job as a way to end her suffering? Of course, that doesn't explain the head injury. I dont believe an intruder was involved, but will say, the simplest explanation is often the right one.

that makes my head hurt, lol
BORG - - no way can they believe or even seriously consider it was an intruder - but JonBenet was a Ramsey so that was allowed to remain in the BORG forum. Makes my head spin, that's for sure.
Another post that had my head spinning. I had to read it twice to make sure she really thought it was menstrual blood that was found in her panties.

"I believe the blood spot shows JonBenet stared menstruating at an early age IMO. Patsy knew this and started seeing JonBenet as an adult; an adult who would compete with her for male attention IMO. John Ramsey saw his six-year old daughter in Vegas showgirl costumes and other sexy outfits and became attracted to her IMO. Maybe it was how she looked at him when she was on stage, maybe it was the inviting gestures she made during her performances. IMO Whatever it was, John started paying more attention to his daughter than he did to Patsy IMO. Patsy found father and daughter together and went to strike John because she wanted him dead when she saw first-hand what he was doing, but instead she accidentally hit JonBenet..."
omg!!!!Those people are MORONS!!!!!!!!

For the record, JonBenet saw her pediatrician several times the previous year.. if she would have started puberty/menstrual cycle at a early age, her DOCTOR WOULD KNOW ABOUT IT AND IT WOULD BE IN HER MEDICAL RECORD!!!!

*bangs hang*

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