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Has anyone considered the possibility that jonbenet tried to kill herself that night, that she was so distraught that she stood on a chair and tied a rope around her own neck? I know she was only six, but even young children can be pushed to a certain limit and crack. Could patsy have found her daughter almost dead from strangulation and because that would blow the illusion of a perfect family, further staging might have taken place. Or the rope was so tight, it would not come off and it was clear she was in great distress and dying. Could someone have finished the job as a way to end her suffering? Of course, that doesn't explain the head injury. I dont believe an intruder was involved, but will say, the simplest explanation is often the right one.

that makes my head hurt, lol
BORG - - no way can they believe or even seriously consider it was an intruder - but JonBenet was a Ramsey so that was allowed to remain in the BORG forum. Makes my head spin, that's for sure.
Another post that had my head spinning. I had to read it twice to make sure she really thought it was menstrual blood that was found in her panties.

"I believe the blood spot shows JonBenet stared menstruating at an early age IMO. Patsy knew this and started seeing JonBenet as an adult; an adult who would compete with her for male attention IMO. John Ramsey saw his six-year old daughter in Vegas showgirl costumes and other sexy outfits and became attracted to her IMO. Maybe it was how she looked at him when she was on stage, maybe it was the inviting gestures she made during her performances. IMO Whatever it was, John started paying more attention to his daughter than he did to Patsy IMO. Patsy found father and daughter together and went to strike John because she wanted him dead when she saw first-hand what he was doing, but instead she accidentally hit JonBenet..."
omg!!!!Those people are MORONS!!!!!!!!

For the record, JonBenet saw her pediatrician several times the previous year.. if she would have started puberty/menstrual cycle at a early age, her DOCTOR WOULD KNOW ABOUT IT AND IT WOULD BE IN HER MEDICAL RECORD!!!!

*bangs hang*
Saw this on a facebook group, lol. WOW

The Unethical Forefront Of The Case
Understanding exactly how Social Status protected the Ramsey's and why JonBenet's death still isn't solved.
You have to realize that the Ramsey's Attorneys, Lou Smit and Hunter himself all make up the Good Ol' Boy system. The Ramsey attorneys were once the DA's of Boulder. Meaning, they knew both Hunter and Smit very well.
First of all, you only call a homicide detective out of retirement if they owe you a favor. Did Smit owe Hunter a few favors? Smit would of had quite a friendship built personally and professionally, with NOT only Hunter, but the Ramsey attorneys who were also once DA's of Boulder.
Secondly, the quarrel between the DA office and BPD was what impeded the case. Anger and resentment would resort in the superiors of both departments trying to out do the other. This is factually seen throughout the case.
Furthermore, a poor family would had never gotten this treatment shown to the Ramsey's by DA Hunter. Whereas, never in the American History of murders has a DA said to a poor family "Hey, I will get you the best investigator that your money can buy".
Show me one case in America where a poor family ever considered suspects by a police department got this exact special treatment and same protection by District Attorney Hunter.
You can't.
Because poor people don't have the money to afford their Freedom by buying unethical measures of government misconduct.
John Ramsey afforded it.
He was at a position politically and financially to be catered to. Poor people do NOT get the District Attorney pulling the best Homicide Detectives out of retirement for them.
It doesn't happen for poor families.
It's never happened for poor families.
The Social Class of the Ramsey's coupled with The Good Ol' Boy System of Lou Smit, Hunter and the Ramsey Attorneys that were once Boulder DAs, led to an unethical "No Prosecution".
JonBenet's case never went cold.
But simply, it was continuously impeded and prolonged by two departments at a childish war. Both trying to out do the other.
The only problem?
John Ramsey's money fell into the hands of two Attorneys that knew Hunter and Smit a little, too well.
Nobody can dispute this arrangement.
These are solid facts. Government misconduct and unethical superiors are a real life occurrence. Things are only whitewashed when afforded. Poor people can't afford this protection. Poor people can't just make things disappear.
But if you're rich enough...
If, you're company is very political...
If your attorneys are buddy, buddy with the DA and used to be in his very position, then money can seal indictments.
JonBenet Ramsey's death was never solved due to the professionalism of both departments being absolutely nil.
Hunter controlled the written law.
The BPD controlled the enforcement.
When the clash of departments sworn to uphold the law are both guilty of practicing unethical measures... then tragedies like this happen.
But what do these Superiors care when they have "Qualified Immunity"?
What do they care when they have "Absolute Immunity"?
They don't.
(These quoted immunities are factual law terms that apply to DA's and Law Enforcement Officers)
This was never a cold case.
This was a childish war between two departments sworn to uphold the law.
All should rot in prison.
They shouldn't get their immunity.
This case goes unanswered because the superiors involved all practiced unethical measures.
JonBenet Ramsey hasn't received any Justice, simply because two departments were at a childish war.
A war, in which money could afford certain truths to be hushed.
A war, in which a Good Ol' Boy system was enacted to Protect the Ramsey's.
100% absurd and unethical.
Nobody can dispute the the personal relationship of Smit, Hunter and the Ramsey attorneys that used to be the DA's of Boulder.
Nobody can dispute the fact that poor families don't get special privileges. Like the fact, a famous homicide detective was personally pulled out of retirement.
Money Hides The Truth.
Numerous truths have been hidden in this case.
Wake up world!
Government Misconduct is a reality
Surely if the Ramseys could buy all that, they could have bought "evidence" that someone like Mike Helgoth did it and killed himself out of fear of getting caught. I mean, if they are able to buy ANYTHING!
found elsewhere - The Internet is really a scary place when this stuff is published.

CHILD TORTURE VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta may be the male in the video

Understanding the death of JonBenet Ramsey

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 16, 2017, 6:42 P.M. CST

The world wants to know who murdered little six year-old JonBenet Ramsey in 1996.
JonBenet Ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey

But before one can determine who killed JonBenet; it must be determined how she killed.

Do you want to know how JonBenet Ramsey died?

Watch this video.

Getting your head wrapped around the murder of JonBenet Ramsey begins with viewing this horrific video that shows a child being tortured during a trauma based mind control session.

This video surfaced recently following the exposure of an international Luciferian pedophile network commonly known as #pizzagate – the network was exposed by Julian Assanage’s Wiki-Leaks – and revelations continue to emerge under the presidency and new Justice Department of Donald J. Trump.

The video you are going to see shows a child in what appears to be a bath/shower with strobe lights flashing on him/her. There is an adult male yelling abusively at the child that is shrieking and screaming due to something horrible and terrifying that is occurring in the tub.

Occurring simultaneous is a bizarre recording of what sounds like a children’s song or learning poem.

What you are seeing in the video is a child being tortured to bring about disassociation of the conscious mind so the subconscious can be programmed. Once the child’s conscious mind takes flight to escape the horror – the subconscious mind is left wide open to be programmed.

This inhumane system of programming a human is a product of an illegal program of the Central Intelligence Agency called MK Ultra.

The end result of this type of traumatic abuse is a mind-control slave. The child’s brain has been fragmented – much like a computer contains files – the child’s mind is programmed into sections and the person will now be anybody the handler wants – and to do anything they are told to do.

Cathy O’Brien, a survivor of the CIA operation called Project Monarch believes JonBenet Ramsey died during such an event. O’Brien said a CIA training video entitled “How to create a mind control slave using a stun-gun” was seized from the Ramsey home under the grounds of National Security. O’Brien said she is the girl seen in the CIA video.

As you watch this video – recall how JonBenet Ramsey’s body appeared when she was found. Her hands were tied and duct tape was over her mouth. The killer was choking her with a torture device called a garrote – she was sexually assaulted and had stun gun burns – her head was ultimately smashed in.

JonBenet Ramsey died while she was being programmed.

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