They had not only lost a daughter but were being crucified in the press as the killers! Press wouldn't let them breath, they were worried about Burke's safety and what would happen if they were arrested for something they didn't do. They were watching their fortune go to lawyers and investigators and private investigators while their income literally stopped. Patsy was concerned about the stress bringing back her cancer.

Oh yeah, they must have been guilty to consider suicide. (Hardly)
From an interview - Gaby Wood and Michael Tracey

JonBenet's death gripped America, Tracey suggests, because it had everything going for it: 'Sex, sleaze, the rich father, the American dream gone bad... It was a combination of voyeurism, resentment, anger, irrationality, a cultural viciousness. It was Greek - a lot of people focused on it as a kind of catharsis.'

Where is the catharsis, I ask, if the case is unsolved? 'It's in the hate. Hate the Ramseys, you feel better. This was pretty close to a conspiracy.'

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