Burke Ramsey
Incriminating Evidence:
  • He was one of 3 other people known to be in the house during the murder.
  • He had a prior incident where he accidentally hit JB with a golf club when she walked up in his back swing.  
  • He pretended to be asleep when all the commotion started that morning because he was scared.
  • He smiles when he is nervous.
Exculpatory Evidence:
  • He was 9 years old at the time.
  • DNA didn't match
  • He wasn't capable of writing the RN at the time due to his age.
  • He was cleared by the detectives and psychiatrists who interviewed him, and they believed he knew nothing about his sister's murder.  
an old post from another site. Just an example of the kind of attacks the family had to endure from people who clearly had NO idea what the facts were.

Posted by Betty Bennett

in 1996 brother took the girl from her bed and took her to the wine cellar were she was bashed in the head she was unconscious 45 min to an hour than when she woke up she was being raped for an hour than strangled for 45 mins to finish it of he hit he again they kept trying to find the killer today the case remains open today the last paganet she did was cowboy sweetheart plus I'm her best friend! her pageants were: Lil miss royal Lil miss celiovite all star kids sun burst ginger bread productions where she sung cowboy sweetheart and Christmas pageant that was it her grave was placed in Georgia jonbenet ramesy case was going on till 2009 and she was murdered in 1996 . people thought it was pasty ramesy the mom because she was mad over bed setting . or people think its the dad who wanted her to always win and expected 10 pageants instead of 8 but bruke ramesy the brother was jealous of all the attention she got and he got nothing but dirt so the brother did it
From a 1999 Denver Post article: "One thing is clear, however: Burke didn't do it.
In May, The Star tabloid ran a story saying sources in the D.A.'s office believed the boy, then 10, had killed his sister in a fit of jealousy.
Days later, Boulder D.A. Alex Hunter's office made a rare comment about the investigation, declaring in a public statement that the boy, now 12, is not a suspect.
Kane said prosecutors were outraged by the story.
"This was a little kid. We just thought it was terrible,'' Kane said.
As the story began to be picked up by more mainstream media, "When the New York Post picked it up, when MSNBC started to run with it, we just thought, "Shouldn't we put this to rest,'' Kane said.
Kane, the father of two, said, "I considered it to be child abuse, to profit that way'' at the expense of a young boy.
And, he said, there was "no basis for the story.''
In his review of evidence, Kane said, "I just didn't see anything to support that'' theory.
Asked recently if Burke had ever been a suspect, Police Chief Mark Beckner said, "Everybody was a suspect in the beginning.''
But, Beckner said, none of the evidence they collected pointed to the boy."

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