A few of his emails
Just so you know, this person thinks he is HOT! LOLOLOL

Jameson - I have seen pictures of the author Laurence Smith and he is HOT! Maybe you should write
a book on your phantom intruder. You of course are a brainless twit whose IQ is probably
lower than his was at the age of 11, but you could create an image of what your phantom
intruder probably looks like and what kind of mask he wore, etc. Okay, you obviously have
a wild imagination, but not having his staggering intellect could you make your phantom
intruder credible so that maybe even a high schooler might be convinced.

I can't tell you how amusing it is reading your threads. At first I thought your comments
positing an actual intruder were mere satire, then I realized you actually believe the
nonsense you write.

Best of luck in searching for and finding that damn intruder,
from the man himself:

Laurence Smith to jameson245

I would not urinate on you!
Now here I have to apologize for the really crude language - but I didn't write it, Laurence and his followers (if they truly exist) appeared to be melting down and this arrived.

Heather Woodson to jameson245show details
The truth is the book by Laurence Smith cannot and will not be stopped no matter your feeble attempts
to sabotage it. You are so fucking stupid, if you want to slam someone you have to be more subtle you
stupid fucking cunt. Your review is obviously seen by others as penned by someone who has an agenda or is
severely mentally ill. There is going to be a major press release of this book in about 10 days and your
retarded fucking review will sink to the bottom where all Ramsey lunatic reviews will wind up. Maybe
your ability to write a review is in sync with Patsy's ability to write a credible ransom letter......LOL

A group of us saw your Laurence Smith thread and what a fucking joke that was. You creating content
that was never even talked about. Granted you Ramsey lunatics are only qualified to judge pictures and
can't understand the written text, but who in the fuck do you think is going to be swayed by your fucking
review of a half chapter sample? NO ONE YOU DUMB FUCKING CUNT!! He is a genius and you are a fucking
nobody who is so jealous of him that you have been upstaged. How many lunatics follow your bullshit
reviews, thread, and other nonsense. How many copies did that juvenile play sell, more than 2 ? The more
shit you try to pull the stronger Smith nation will become to neutralize JEALOUS fucks like you.

According to your laughable threads the consensus is that you actually reside in a fucking mental hospital
and a prefrontal lobotomy was performed on you. When did that take place? Did they have to handcuff

Have a great time cunt - You are so far in over your dumbass head you can't comprehend it! Now go
massturbate yourself to sleep!

Oh Yeah, I'm Heather's boyfriend
In response to an email I never sent - - (can we spell hallucinating?)

Dawn Trautwane to jameson245

Dear Ms. Bennet,
As you stated in your reply earlier this afternoon, you are a woman who has no REAL
friends or family. Withstanding, if you have cats and consider them family. I noticed
that your obssession with upholding the image of Patsy Ramsey continues unabated as
you try to attack yet another author who is exposing her murderous deed for what it
is. This time the author is the very brilliant Laurence L Smith. far more educated than
you could dream of being.

Laurence Smith back in 1997 had come to realize that the Ramsey version simply made
no sense. Schiller's disjointed and tepid book concluded nothing.Laurence was then going
to write a book intended only for Grad and undergrad psychology students and those
in the criminal justice field. But when he saw that the cops had blown the case and had
no understanding of the psycho-dynamics of the Ramsey household, he decided that he
had to expose the truth about the case to everyone.

Laurence read most of the Ramsey books and concluded that Steve Thomas came the
closest to realizing that any intruder was just a figment of Patsy's fertile imagination, that
she needed to cover-up what took place. Steve had no psychology background and didn't
understand the psychodynamics of the Ramsey household and what drove the actions
that Patsy was taking that would eventually culminate in taking JonBenet's life. Your
pathological obsession with this case speaks to someone who exists in a phantasmagotical
state of mind that has co-components of delusion (about yourself) and advanced obsessive-
compulsive-disorder. Your Ramsey Obsession fills a large void in your life. Politely stated,
you are mentally unhinged at best, in laymen lexicon.

What awaits you next as you continue your pathological obsession? It appears that you want
the Dr, Nucciettelli type treatment that was given to Dawn where you are called out by name
as being an obssessed Ramsey operative who lives only to defend Patsy Ramsey and attempts
to sabotage any unfavorable material about Patsy or John Ramsey. A clinical analysis of you would
be a good touch as well. The response of Dr. Nuccietelli resulted in her wisely retreating into
obscurity and not wanting to be associated with any Ramsey obssessed lunatic.

When people see intelligent people writing 5-star reviews for Laurence and then see bizzarre
1 star reviews, which ones do you think anyone with half a brain will ignore. Yeah, you tried to water
down this last innocuous review but people can still see through it. Mentioning nonsense about
about the demensions of the Ramsey house as being wrong and that Laurence Smith didn't
bother to measure them. Get real, how important are those factors in weighing the case. Oh
I get it, if Laurence had mentioned the demensions of the house then surely that would support
some phantom intruder. BTW are you still looking for some guy on death row in Colorado to
become the intruder if it is shown he lived in Boulder at one time. .

You Ms S. I. Bennet are a mentally sick person and I don't have to have Laurence's IQ to
make that analysis. You are a lonely woman in at least her mid to late 60's with no life at
at all, exceot for making homemade bread. Do you actually think you are going to overcome
the 5-star reviews he will soon be getting after his scheduled press release. I think not!
You are an enigma at best. You have no identity. No picture! No Website! You are a cyber
stalker looking for any threat to the Ramseys. You are almost an apparition like that damn
intruder was. Why would any person think that you have more credibility than the credentialed
brilliance of someone like Laurence Smith who gets endorsed by a very prominent New York
Psychologist. What are you thinking with? Any logic skills at all?

Well, get back to your lonely life and we'll see what your reviewing future holds.

Great talking to you,
Dawn's lesbian lover
My question - Who is SALLY?????

Samantha Hardwicke <shardwicke2009@outlook.com> wrote:

Hi Sally,

You have been carrying the Ramsey flag of loyalty for some 19 years now. Like a true
friend you were not going to have Patsy's name besmirched by the prosecutorial-type media that cast guilty aspersions on her, Ramsey book authors who floundered about
with various far-fetched theories that pointed in her direction, or a detective like Steve
Thomas working his first homicide case and having a modest educational background
writing a book that could not quite show how Patsy could have realistically been responsible for JonBenet's death.

You fended them all off as best you could, as each of the aforementioned had varying weaknesses in their theories. And then along came one Laurence L. Smith whose background and intellect compensated for all the aforementioned flaws in the aforementioned peoples attempts to really nail the likely facts down. But, this is about you Sally, and how you were used and betrayed.

Laurence L. in his original book knew that Patsy was not a cold blooded murderer as she had no motive whatsoever to take the life of her daughter. He knew some kind of accident had to have taken place with JonBenet where poor decisions were made that resulted in her death, but he just couldn't figure out what type of accident it could have been. So, he opted to used a bathroom incident like Steve Thomas did in his book as it made some degree of sense, though he was prescient enough to state that regardless of what accident actually took place everything else in his book account remained the same.

In June of 2015 Laurence L was contacted by a very close friend of Patsy's who told him that she could no longer keep a secret told to her by Patsy. She told him that his book account was wrong with regard to the bathroom incident being the prelude to Jon-Benet's death. He had expected this all along and was eager to hear what she wanted to tell him.
{ The actual accident that led to JonBenet's death }

The very close Patsy friend and source was not Priscilla White, Linda pugh, or Judith Phillips. The Patsy friend told Mr. Smith that around 11:45 Patsy awoke to check on JonBenet. After taking her to the bathroom without incident she wanted a treat of pineapples, though her real objective was to get another look at her presents still under the Christmas tree. Patsy obliged, and gave her some sliced pineapples. Patsy then took her by the hand to lead her up the staircase from the kitchen but JonBenet insisted on looking at her presents under the tree.

Patsy all too aware of the early rising for the planned trip to Michigan adamantly told JonBenet that she was going straight back to her bedroom. Patsy was now dragging her by the hand up the stairs as JonBenet continued to balk at going by physically resisting.
Patsy became frustrated at JonBenet's continued resistance as they were now at least 3/4 of the way up the spiral staircase, and grabbed the pajama material in her fist and
literally started to drag her up the remaining steps, with JonBenet being choked by the pajama top around her throat.

Finally, after seeing her arms flailing about Patsy released the fist grip of her pajama top and the dazed JonBenet went tumbling down the stairs and landing on the first floor in crumpled fashion. Rushing down the stairs, Patsy saw an unconscious JonBenet but thought she would regain consciousness so there was no need to call 911. The staging as described in Mr. Smith's book followed.

Fast forward to 2003. The D.A's office and Boulder Police were still in a quagmire as to resolving the case, though they surely had their suspicions of what happened after an investigator noticed that in photos taken by guests on Christmas day there was a string of lights along the rail of the stairs, but when pictures taken by police who investigated
the kidnap call later saw no Christmas lights on the stair railing. Well, when JonBenet fell down the stairs her body dislodged the lights and she fell on some of them braking them of course.

In 2003, D.A. representatives and a couple of Boulder police investigators traveled to Atlanta, Georgia and the law office of Lin Wood where a confession plea-bargain was hammered out. Patsy described the staircase accident but said it was fatal. She signed a confession document to this effect and in return there would be no prosecution of her on any charge. This would become a concealed confession with the rest of the BPD unaware of it and continuing the investigation of a non-existent intruder. Police decided not to investigate whether or not the fall was actually fatal, just happy to unofficially close the case.

With the information given to him by a former Patsy close friend overcome with guilt, Mr. Smith then tracked down the Boulder Police investigator who was aware of the confession and he corroborated it. Mr. Smith has now dumped this information of the BPD cover-up in the lap of the CBI. It is now in the updated version of his book available only at his Website. A major Denver news reporter is waiting for CBI to confirm details
of their investigation of the cover-up at which time he will go live with it. This is just in
the early stages right now as Mr. Smith just dumped this in CBI's lap very recently.

Well Sally, you can rationalize all of this and continue to carry the Ramsey flag. Perhaps even believing that Patsy is being framed by a former friend, though for what reason?
In Mr. Smith's book he acknowledges that Patsy was a woman of substance(aside from her forcing the kiddie pageants on her child) but like all people she was capable of making a bad decision(s) at a crucial wrong time.

You are a woman in your late 60's now Sally, and have had a decent life for yourself. Being married for 46 years if that is true is an accomplishment in itself. You have many other areas of interest that you can spend time on, and it might be best to finally release yourself from this case altogether and let what happens happen. You have been deceived long enough. You just happened to have a friend who made a bad decision like everyone does at some point in their life, though Patsy's was a big one.

You are not expected to respond to this email. But Mr. Smith thought I should have it sent to you. Just absorb the information contained in it, and if you can find any
piece of mind when reflecting on this case of a child who died too soon and a mother who would have liked to have had a second chance to make the right decisions.
Best to you,
Jamie??? LMAO

Wow! He sounds psychotic!! Author smith??? omg those emails are too much!!!!

I will NOT being this psycho's book, lol. Wow speechless
Yep, he didn't like the negative book review I did and he melted down pretty quickly.
Found on a BORG forum - - the man didn't just go for me

Dear Sir: 12/9/07

As I have related to others inquiring on the Ramsey book, Mr Smith is out
of the country consulting on the missing child case of Madeleine McCann.
The Ramsey case and/or book is a low priority for him, as the book cover
work is being changed. You might remind those with whom you interact
with on the crime-sleuthing website(s), that Mr. Smith does not proffer
so-called theories on cases like the JonBenet Ramsey or McCann cases.
Rather, he provides conclusionary findings. Got It? There is a reason that
he has been a member of Mensa for 24 years.

Mr. Smith's secretary has told staff members here that he is somewhat
amused by the overly complicated theories that are amateurishly bandied
about (which we no longer bring to his attention), including about the family dog. Here is a secret for your blog cohorts, the Rameys did not bond with
Jacques because, unbeknownst to JonBenet, he was a look alike replacement for Jacques-1 who had to be put to sleep.

While the waiting time passes for Mr. Smith's Ramsey book, maybe those
with no real lives to live - on the crime sleuthing sites, should focus more closely on Attorney Thomas "Doc" Miller's background, and his wife Judith Phillips who was excoriated by Patsy in the Ramseys book for going against
her wishes regarding personal photos. Now Miller is whining about justice in
his book. He should be lucky to be still practicing law after all the incompet-
ency charges and legal rebukes he has had to fend off.

While inquiring minds wait anxiously, and Ramsey operatives remain in a
timorous mode of trepidation awaiting Mr. Smith's book - that will be
'the definitive ' accounting of the JonBenet Ramsey case; the staff here on
Laurence's behalf - wishes everyone a joyous holiday and a promisingly prosperous new year. Especially, those of like intellectual persuasion.

Julie Simpson
Administrative Asst/
Research Analyst for
Mr. Laurence Smith
Then there was this hailstorm of posts on TOPIX - - and note all his voices hail from Evanston, Illinois.
I honestly can remember this being comic relief. He's a loon.

Heather Wagner
Evanston, IL
#118 Jun 30, 2015

That handsome Sir Laurence is getting a fan club. Every person who reveiws him is calling him brilliant and a genius..
The people who are Jealous of Laurence must be shi$$ing in their pants every time he gets another 5-star review and these are all from people who just happened on to the book by accident. Can you imagine after his press release goes out in July sometime the attention he will get, looking like a movie star certainly doesn't hurt his appeal either. I have read postings where he is getting swamped for autographed pictures of himself. Women from Ukraine have his website picture on their bedroom walls, masturbating themselves to sleep at night.

Heather Wagner
Evanston, IL
#119 Jun 30, 2015
Every day I wake up dreaming about the brilliant charismatic Sir Laurence Smith. He is creating quite a following, everyone is jumping on his bandwagon. His admin Asst told someone in another blog posting that his office is working overtime to meet the demand for autographed pictures of him. Now he is getting endorsements from PHD's and one person related to Conan O'brien I read somewhere. This guy has it all lets be real. It is getting pretty obvious that any person who gives this movie star looking guy a less than 5-star review is purely JEALOUS of him.

Jill Kournikova
Evanston, IL
#121 Jun 30, 2015

Jameson I hear you are getting an autographed picture of the genius himself Sir Laurence. We are so jealous! Pretty much like you are so jealous of him, wanting to be him and have his genius, his charisma and you have to beg for an autograph pictured of him. What a genius he is .
Yeah Jameson, everyone knows you are so jealous of him that he won't even send you a picture to drool over at night. Guess all those reviewers from all over the country calling him brilliant and a genius must not see what you do, and just what do you see.....LOL Can't wait to see if he has this Yale psychiatrist buddy of his do a review for him or maybe he is waiting til after his press release for that. Gotta get back to dreaming about Sir Laurence.

Emma Jameson
Evanston, IL
#122 Jun 30, 2015

Dr. Nucceittelo has stated that he won't try to have me committed to A North Carolina nuthouse as I pleaded to him the food is lousy there..
Now remember people, in the words of child killer and my good friend Patsy Ramsey, "Hold your loved ones tight. as there is an intruder out there somewhere waiting to come through your window and ravish you.

Mr Jameson
Evanston, IL
#123 Jun 30, 2015

If Dr. Nucceitteli hasn't locked up Jameson yet we can only hope he finds her where ever she is hiding out at ..........LOL
Don't leave the house Jameson because the guys in the white coats are looking to throw a net over your head.

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