What kind of person
In his book, BPD Detective Supervisor Robert Whitson repeatedly asks, "What kind of person kidnapped, tortured, sexually assaulted and murdered JonBenét Ramsey?"

On page 107, he compares the killer to a dog, and I really like the analogy made.

He talked about walking with his dogs in a field and having them go off running after rabbits.  His calling them back didn't bring them back under his control and they clearly paid no attention to the fact that cars on a nearby road might put them in danger.  Whitson pointed out that this was "part if their behavior - their basic instinct - their prey drive..."  snip ... "the way their minds were programmed." 

He goes on to say "the sex drive is an extremely powerful emotion - a basic instinct."  But when a "sadistic psychopath becomes focused on sex and having the opportunity to completely dominate another person, he gets tunnel vision, just like a dog chasing a rabbit. He does not think about anything else.  He does not think about the consequences of his actions.  He knows his behavior is wrong but he does not care."

I honestly can't imagine anyone not understanding that what they were doing to JonBenét the night she died was wrong.  The man who did that to her just didn't care because he was satisfying his own desires, as he likely had before and since.
I like that analogy too!!

Whitson is entirely right. Whoever did this was seeking out to satisfy some sick and twisted urge they were having. Although the act was done, he loves seeing JonBenet on the news, media etc... reliving the event.. He probably had no idea how badly the LE would trash the crime scene.. so glad they were able to collect some evidence because he WILL be caught!

He knows what he did was extremely wrong but people like him feel no remorse. They are the worst type of predators.

I always wondered if hes still alive.
Gaby Wood interviewed Michael Tracey and he said...

'This was not a staging,' Tracey says, pulling a photograph of JonBenet's neck out of his envelope. 'This was a vicious attack. There's no question in my mind now that someone came in who kind of knew them, who got off on little girls, extremely violent. She was asphyxiated - that begins to explain why there's no blood in the head - and he's getting off on this. I think they wanted to play with her. I think it was a very sick game by a very sick person.'
from Steve Thomas' depo in Wolf v Ramsey

Q. At Quantico, was there one FBI agent that said at the end of discussion that the Boulder police
should keep an open mind on the case because it could be a sex offender?
A. Yes.
Q. Who was that agent?
A. I believe that was Ken Lanning.

(Found this in TIME - "A child molester who abducts and kills his victim is the rarest kind of molester," says Ken Lanning, a former FBI agent who has spent more than three decades studying crimes against children, and currently operates his own consulting company. )

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