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(04-05-2017, 04:05 PM)Toth Wrote: "Know" is a term with different meanings. I think as far as Violent Crimes Database-speak goes 'know' means some prior connection with the parents or the kid.

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No, in that database-speak, the relationship is specified or it is "unknown." 

"Unknown" means that the *relationship* is unknown --- could be a stranger or it could be a close relationship that no one knew about --- so some "unknowns" are people who actually did know each other. 

Usually, when the relationship is known, it also does mean "known to each other" thanks to the nature of most such "relationships" : parent-child, uncle-niece, brother-sister, girl-boyfriend, etc. 

For such young children, this is even more true.  For most murdered children of that age, the relationship is known, and the victim and perpetrator can be presumed to know each other because of the nature of such relationships with such young children.  The bottom line is: Given nothing but her age, it is very likely that JonBenet did know her killer, based on these statistics.
From http://www.jameson245.com/doc2usa.htm

NARRATOR - With a growing conviction that the killer was a violent sexual offender who had broken in to the Ramseys home, Smit again returned to Colorado Springs to seek advice.  This time from Bob Russell,  the City's former district attorney.
BOB RUSSELL -  We spent five or six hours going through some of the evidence and the pictures he has and at that time I became convinced that the Ramseys didn't do this.
NARRATOR - Russel's view is widely respected. He's an expert on  violent crimes against children. He was spokesman for the US National District Attorney's Association on the subject.
BOB RUSSEL - Garrotting requires a deliberation, you have to think about it, you have to throw the rope around the neck.   In this particular case you had to create an exact kind of knot, he had to twist the knot, all while that child is still alive. Most of the time that's a sexual kind of killing.
NARRATOR - Russel also believesthat the evidence of a violent  sexual assault on JonBenét points to someone other than her parents.
BOB RUSSEL - Parents don't kill in that manner. They bash, they throw the child down, they hit them on the head and they do things of that nature.   And what makes me believe this is also probably a sexual kind of killing is that there, there is an object that's jammed through the vagina of the child because blood is drawn.    And that's not something a parent does, let alone a mother.
There is reason to believe, and I will not go into the details here, that the killer was left handed. Maybe that will help someone accept that their niggling concern may be a real knowledge.

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