What John Douglas wrote
"I paid close attention to what he said, concentrating on his inflection, breathing, body language, word choice - matching him up against the experience I'd gained through thousands of interviews with both violent offenders and victims and their families.  I took John through the entire morning and afternoon of December 26, up to when he said he discovered his daughter in the wine cellar.   When he talked about carrying her upstairs, he started blinking, as if revisualizing the scene.  Then he began to sob."

"After I had spent about two hours with Ramsey, he excused himself to go to the rest room.  I turned to Bryan Morgan, who'd been in the room the entire time, and said, simply, 'I believe  him."'

"When Ramsey returned, I told him I had sat across the table from hundreds of criminals.  Some have been so convincing that I went back to the files and looked up the case materials to make sure that the evidence was, indeed, solid against them."

"I then said, 'Mr. Ramsey, you are either one hell of a liar or you're innocent.  I believe what you're telling me." (page 300)

"People do not act in a vacuum.  Every action is tied to every other action.  John Ramsey is not and was not a sex offender and has none of the characteristics.... We have to make very, very clear that he could not have done this to his daughter." Pg 314

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