What they should have known
I'm just going to say this. Someone needs to ask Garnett about the significance of the DNA being in CODIS. The difficulty will be getting an answer. Back into it just like you did with me above. Ask him if he's still willing to have the DNA tested of any viable suspect if presented with good reason. Leave it up to him to obtain the sample even if you have privately had it tested before (if that's possible). I think the DNA being in CODIS means that their current position is with the intruder theory even though they don't want to say it publicly. For whatever reason.
(04-02-2017, 10:51 PM)searchinGirl Wrote:  I wonder if Boulder Justice wants this case solved?

I also wonder the same.  In fact, I think there's a concerted effort by someone--probably more than one person--in LE to prevent this crime from being solved.
I just don't understand why we don't hear more about attempts to solve this case.  The Golden State Killer in California was found this past week with the help of sophisticated DNA technology.....and the last time he committed a murder was in the 1980s.  

What's going on in Boulder?

Regarding the Golden State Killer, who was recently caught:

The four-decade manhunt sparked multiple law enforcement task forces, spawned an FBI website dedicated to catching the killer and prompted lawmakers to create a DNA database of known and suspected felons. Working off witness testimony and hunches, investigators whittled down the potential pool of suspects over the years. Yet until they pioneered a novel forensic tactic in recent months — running crime-scene DNA evidence against data from genealogy websites — DeAngelo's name never appeared on their list.

In interviews with the Los Angeles Times, retired investigators who hunted the masked assailant said that poor communication between agencies, investigative tunnel vision and antiquated technology all contributed to the Golden State Killer's elusiveness.

"We were in the dark ages back then, especially compared to today," said....

But we're no longer in the dark ages.  And agency miscommunication is a given.  Why can't the Ramsey case be solved?  

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