Discuss the DNA files
There are about 300 pages in the DNA file and not all are on the DNA.  I will try to share that info here.

First, I think it is interesting that in July of 2003, the DA's office had control of the case and invited in people from the public to share information they had gathered that might help solve the case.  Attorneys and private investigators met with LE and this is a list of the topics they discussed. 

The 2 Barbie dolls found wrapped in grey duct tape that had been found on the Ramsey lawn.

Backgrounds of certain people -
 neighbor Scott Gibbons,
 Pasta jay Elowsky,
 John Gardiner who worked for Pasta Jay,
 Sandra Henderson who is listed in this forum in the "Under the Umbrella" area.
Susan Stine
Otto Vodonner - lived a block from the Ramsey house, convicted earlier of sexual assault on a child
Contractors and sub-contractors who were involved in the remodeling of the house as well as those who prepared for the 1994 PARADE OF HOMES.

The background of the "Espirit News Article" that was found on a bookshelf in the house, doesn't say what room. John Ramsey had a heart drawn on his image and the other entrepreneurs had their faces X'd out.

Boulder burglaries and sexual assaults in December of 1996

Background of beauty pageants

Background of unusual, harassing or hang up phone calls received just before the murder.

Background of SBTC license plate database reports

Background of a "blue bag" and rope adjacent to the bag.  Both items were observed in CSI photos near a chair in the guest bedroom  (JAR's room)

Long distance phone calls made from the Charlevoix home

Examination of the knots, ligatures.

And this - - "Location, analysis results and photographs of the basement "elevator door" that had been removed from the Ramsey home when Mike Bynum was examining the residence.  The door was determined to have been "cut into thirds" for removal from the basement."
A bit further on there is a memo from Tom Bennett that says, "A background investigation of Gary Oliva and an interview conducted with James Selby has offered proof these persons were not responsible for the death of JonBenét Ramsey, thus eliminating two persons high on the list of potential suspects."

Background investigation? Unless he was in jail, under lock and key or in a hospital, has a great alibi - - how does a background check on Oliva clear him. He was a violent person and a pedophile.

(But the Ramseys with no history of either trait remained suspects. Go figure.)

And the same with an interview - - I would hope he was cleared by handwriting and DNA as well.
I completely forgot about the barbie incident until reading the files.
Two Barbie dolls were taken in as evidence - marked numbers 404 and 405. They were both found in the Ramseys' front yard.

I understand someone is saying there was a Barbie doll in the basement but there is no evidence supporting that. The torn open gifts there were being saved for Burke's birthday. I understand one was a lego set he never got back.

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