Perfect Murder Perfect Town Notes and Quotes
Perfect Murder Perfect Town has tons of information.. think its a good idea for a thread of good quotes from PMPT. 
(currently re-reading PMPT, I will add more  randomly)

Page 245

Lou Smit
"Eller asked Haney his opinion of Lou Smit. "hes a hell of a guy and a great investigator" Haney said. And hes solved some tough cases. Smit was a legend among law enforcement personnel Formerly captain of detectives in the el paso country sheriffs office, he solved a three and a half year old kidnapping by matching a lone fingerprint by matching a lone fingerprint, which had been overlooked, to one in a regional fingerprint database. At sixty one, Smit had kept up with the cutting edge technology while retaining some tried and true methods. once, he had sifted through a hundred bags of garbage to look for evidence that had tied a murderer to his victim. Maggots crawled up his sleeve, but he found the critical evidence. Like a lot of dedicated officers, he was been seen praying at victims graves. He said that god was his partner. Hunter discussed Haney and Smit with Koby and with Trip Demuth, who felt that Smit was less Pushy than Haney. Detective Tom Trujillo told chief Koby that Lou Smit was their kind of cop."

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