Patsy on psychotherapy
24 TOM HANEY: You mentioned earlier 25 about getting counseling for Burke. How about 0133  1 counseling for you and John?  2 PATSY RAMSEY: Oh, yeah, yeah.  3 TOM HANEY: You still going or--  4 PATSY RAMSEY: Uh-hum.  5 TOM HANEY: Both of you?  6 PATSY RAMSEY: Not as frequently  7 now. I mean when I first started going, when I  8 came back to Colorado after burying JonBenet, I  9 mean I never had any experience with 10 psychotherapy, because I never really needed it, 11 even when I had cancer, I didn't feel like I 12 needed it, because I had support of my husband, 13 my family and my faith and you know, God healed 14 me and I could get bigger. But this was just, 15 you know, way beyond anything. 16 And I realized, I mean it was after 17 several weeks of just being in that fetal 18 position, crying, and just not wanting to live 19 basically, and you think, I can't go on like 20 this. I need help. And I wasn't real sure what 21 was out there, because I never had any 22 experience to know what was out there.
7 PATSY RAMSEY: Uh-hum. So the 8 physician in Boulder made a call to Rebecca 9 Barnes -- Barnhill -- Barnhill, Burkhardt, 10 Barnhill, Burkhardt. 11 VOICE: You still don't have it 12 right. 13 PATSY RAMSEY: Barkhorn, Rebecca 14 Barkhorn, there are so many Burkes and Barkes in 15 my life, Barkhorn, and I saw her that day. And
16 she put me on Paxil, an antidepressant, and 17 Ativan, anxiety kind of attack, and she 18 explained to me basically what was happening. 19 That I had been through this traumatic thing, it 20 was perfectly normal, and yes, this can be 21 managed by medication. So I saw her quite 22 regularly. Like every day for many days

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