Starting with advice from J&P
VAN SUSTEREN: What would you tell them to do?
P. RAMSEY: I would say: This is the room where all of the evidence is stored. You start from the beginning, start combing, and go.
J. RAMSEY: Go back to the neighborhood, talk to the neighbors, that's never been done by the police. Start from the beginning, start from scratch, sit down with the parents, sit down with anybody that will talk to you within a hundred-yard radius of the house.
VAN SUSTEREN: Didn't they talk to the neighbor, though, who heard a scream at some point?
P. RAMSEY: We don't know, Greta, because no one has ever -- We hear rumors all the time. No one in authority has ever talked with us and told us what they know.
J. RAMSEY: What we know is what we have read or heard on television. We have not heard anything official from the police. So was there a woman that heard a scream? I believe so because I've heard that reported.
VAN SUSTEREN: But you don't know for certain?
J. RAMSEY: I don't know for certain.

(Note, that still has not changed.  The BPD still has not told the Ramseys everything they really KNOW about this case.  Meetings were  held, like the one in Atlanta, and promises were made - - they didn't have that with them but would send on to Lin - and never kept)

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