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Quote: 1997-04-21: STAR MAGAZINE: "JonBenet Names Her Killer: It's not who you think it is!"

Week of April 21, 1997:

The SUN's cover reads "JonBenet Names Her Killer: It's not who you think it is!"

"The man who murdered little beauty JonBenet is a Ted Bundy like drifter who stalked the six-year-old for months before making his murderous move and he will strike again very soon if he's not collared by cops. So warns America's top psychic investigator Warren Freiberg. The respected radio-TV medium got his description of the killer from the most knowledgeable source possible-the victim-during a chilling seance at his home in Munster, Indiana.

Like most Americans following the heartwrenching murder investigation, Freiberg expected the girl to name her father or mother as the one responsible for sending her to a tragically early grave. However, he soon found the friend is not only unrelated to JonBenet's family, but is also a depraved drifter who's ready to strike again hundreds of miles away from the little girl's home.

From JonBenet's description of the killer, Freiberg drew a mental image of a tall, handsome man with delicate facial features and a small scar above his left eye. The psychic tried to comfort the troubled youngster, but her voice grew even more harsh and quaking as she continued with the story of her last moments of life.

The hovering spirit spoke: I don't know how Jim got in my house, but I wasn't afraid because I had seen him at some of the pageants. I asked him where mommy was and his face changed. . .he scared me when he grabbed me by the arm and said, You're my child now! I started to cry, but he put his hand over my mouth. I could not talk or yell for mom or dad. Then he started to do things to me. . .things that hurt and made me cry more. Then he put a rope around my neck and I couldn't breathe. I tried to fight him and I prayed my mommy or anyone would come to help me. . .I was frightened and alone. I hoped he would let me go, but he didn't. Please make sure he never does what he did to me to anyone else. Hurry. . .Jim is making friends with anther little girl with blonde hair who enters beauty pageants like me.

Freiberg says that he sees the killer targeting another pretty six-year-old pageant contestant. I hope I'm wrong, but I see this sicko killing again by mid-July. The top psychic, who has assisted with dozens of police investigations in the past, believes there is a sharp Sun reader out there who will lead homicide detectives to this murderer known to JonBenet as Jim"
I think some psychics have true gifts but this one sounds like a quack, lol.

There is a interesting show on Netflix about psychics and LE.

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