Lou Smit's thoughts
From 2001 documentary:

"Is the ransom note an important clue in this case?    Its one of the most important clues left behind by our killer.
first of all it was written in a very calm and careful manner and a very deliberate manner. The person was not writing in panic.
I have interviewed many many murderers and even psychopaths after a murder
They're extremely agitated.    It is very difficult for them even to sit down, In my estimation there is just absolutely no way that they could have written that note after that murder."
Lou Smit" I believe this note was written before the murder. This note suggests violence, what he's going to do to this little girl.
If you want her to see 1997... will result in the immediate execution of your daughter... you will be denied her remains for proper burial... will result in your daughter being beheaded... she dies, she dies, she dies, she dies, don't think that the killing will be difficult... 99% chance of killing your daughter. This is what the killer is saying.
Its vicious and brutal. It's the personality of our killer."
Narrator: Smit was dubious about the police view that Patsy Ramsey wrote the note.

LOU SMIT : Yes and I know that is the common opinion in the case that she may have written that note however six competent examiners did examine that note and she rated very low on the scale and I can tell you this, there's no way that Patsy Ramsey could have written that note afterwards; if she wrote it before, fine, that way she could think in a very clear and logical way. No way Patsy could have written that afterwards, after murdering her daughter. That's for sure.

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