Melody and Luther Stanton - SE, across the street
Melody and Luther slept with their windows cracked.  She reported hearing a terrible scream after midnight, said she knew it was from the Ramsey house but assumed the parents would take care of it.  Luther said after that he heard a noise that might have been metal hitting concrete.  There are several theories about what that may have been - - either the grate falling back into place or a bat being thrown (one was found on northern window ledge and that had fibers on it from the basement carpet.)

Melody had twin sons named Richardson, age 30.  I believe they lived home at that time and wonder if they were ever considered.

As I wrote that, I wondered if the BPD kept track of the criminal activities of ANYONE and EVERYONE listed in their files.  Absolutely not accusing her sons but the question begs to be asked  - - - if LE did follow all the names they had in their files, if the killer is somewhere in their thousands of pages of notes - - might they have found JonBenét's killer went on with other criminal activities?
Lots of information on this family posted on the thread "The Scream"

Want to add this from the deposition of Steve Thomas in the Wolf vRamsey lawsuit.

Q. Did you ever seek to interview the Richardson twins who lived with Melody Stanton?
A. No.
Q. Why not?
A. Because I was unaware of these people.
Q. Did anybody in the Boulder Police Department make an attempt, to your knowledge, to interview
the two 30-year old twins, the Richardson twins, that lived with Melody Stanton?
A. Not that I'm aware of.

The sons' names are William and David, Bill and Dave. Wonder if anyone ever checked on them.

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