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Another thing the scratching "voices"  on the tape may be from is re-recording over old messages. In 1996, 911 was not digital like it is now. They used tapes and used them over and over for re recording. 
I also want to point out that in the Sabrina Aisenberg case the police department bugged the home and claimed to have incriminating statements from the parents on tape. When they went to court the judge laughed the police out of the courtroom for their demonstration of the tapes. No one else could determine them to say the incriminating statements they did and many of the statements didn't even match up with the conversation. It was all wishful thinking on the PD's part. The Aisenbergs sued the Tampa Police Department and won! This is what I believe the Ramsey's need to do.
We have a reel to reel and I remember posting the day the 911 tape was released that the sounds at the end of the 911 tape sounded like the reels turning.

Sure don't hear voices, never mind a conversation.
I don't find anything troubling about the 9-1-1 call.
Pretty standard fare as these things go.
It could have gotten a lot weirder had the dispatcher asked more questions.
When the perp is on the phone with 9-1-1, they notoriously minimize, hedge, provide alibi reinforcement, etc.
You see none of that here. Just genuine fear and concern.
I thought the call was alarming and honest. Patsy wasn't reading some script, she was honestly in a panic.

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