Judith Phillip's views
From Steve Thomas' deposition

Q. Take a look, if you would, at page 45 of your book. Second -- actually, first full paragraph. "An
acquaintance said that JonBenet was rebelling against appearing in the child beauty contests. She was
being pushed into the pageants by her mother and grandmother, said the witness." Who is that

A. I believe that was Judith Phillips.
Q. Did you find Judith Phillips to be credible?
A. At times.
Q. At times she was not credible?
A. No, I think Judith Phillips, like many others in Boulder, were devastated by this crime and she had
tough moments, I'm sure.
Q. Do you think John and Patsy Ramsey had tough moments because they would have been devastated by the death of their daughter?
A. They certainly may have.
I do believe that Patsy was quite devasted....

In what manner was she considered to be rebellious? I have not read the book. Please excuse the question of an inexperienced person.
JonBent was not a rebellious child at all. Her teachers said she was very sweet and did as she was told. Her parents never said she was rebellious. No one in the pageant scene said she was rebellious. Having said that she was a typical kid and had opinions and felt free to express them. For example, when she was getting dressed to go to the White's on Christmas Day, she wanted to wear the white sweater with the star on it and not the red top that would match Patsy's. Patsy pushed he red but gave in and JonBenet made it clear she really wanted to wear the white top.

If that proves she was rebellious, I'd hate to see the word used for a real brat.

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