Steve Thomas knew better
Q. Did you all conclude that there were references in the ransom note from Dirty Harry, Speed, the
movie Ransom, the movie Nick of Time and Ruthless People?

A. That wasn't my conclusion. I think it was Lou Smit that brought that to the attention of several,
and I don't know that those were verbatim quotes that matched the ransom note.
Q. Were you familiar -- well, was that investigated by the Boulder Police Department in terms of
trying to find out from movie rental records whether the Ramseys had ever seen those movies?
A. Unfortunately, one of the obstacles we ran into with movie rental records was after the Thomas
Hill, Anita, I can't remember her last name, hearings. Movie records are very, very restricted and
without warrants or subpoenas or something above and beyond, we couldn't just go to the video store
and check rental history.
Q. Didn't the Ramseys give you almost 100 releases to get information?
A. I believe after I left.
Q. But nonetheless, you believe they did that?
A. I have heard, I think even you say that after -- or at a point in time after which I left the
investigation, I was of the impression that after Kane came on board, they gave a number of consent
Q. They also provided a considerable amount of historical writings from Patsy Ramsey, didn't they,
in addition to the five exemplars?
A. I don't know if those were -- if those were seized by crime scene search warrant or if those were

My comment - I was told by more than one person that the Ramseys were immediately signing papers allowing the authorities to see their medical records, library loans, movie rentals and anything else they asked for.

 I was also told the BPD - under suggestions from the FBI - chose not to ask for other things.  No one really could say for sure why but they thought the BPD didn't want to see evidence that cleared the Ramseys.

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