Greetings my fellow armchair detectives,

I have enjoyed reading along as you continue cracking away at mysteries leading to who killed JonBenet.
I want to reward the loyal readers that have followed me on my own journey to solve this case.

If you purchased a copy of "The Coldest Case" between the date of initial release and now, I would like to extend a very cool offer for WebbSleuths members only:

If you send me your old copy of the First Edition via US Mail, I will send you back an autographed copy of the Second Edition (coming out tomorrow!) at no cost! The Second Edition contains a trove of new information, new insights about DNA evidence and new photos! Please email me directly for the address to send your old copy at: Johnnytojohn@gmail.com or message me here on the forum!

If you have not already purchased a copy of "The Coldest Case" but would still like to receive an autographed copy of the Second Edition to read for the first time, you may also purchase one directly from me for $20.00 (that includes all s&h) by sending a check/mo to the same address.

Again, this offer is limited to WebbSleuths members only and is my personal way of saying 'Thank you' for your comments, edits, concerns, praise & contributions.

As an author and investigator, my work continues. If you would like to continue on the journey with me, please like and share the Facebook page of my next book: "Inherit the Whole Earth: Who Killed Kirk Kimberly?"!

Thanks so much readers!

For the record, I did some heavy editing on his first book, never received the updated copy.

Just saying....

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