What this book is about
I bought this on amazon a few months ago and just got around to reading it.

The beginning of the book starts about how she first met the Ramsey family. Her husband, was the Ramsey family personal plot. At first, she didnt know what to expect. They met at Pasta Jays and she fell in love with them. She felt John was stand offish and thought she did something for him to be quiet... but we all know thats just his personality and I doubt it was anything personal.

She talked to Pam about her pageant days. Pam assumed she would be a snob when she found out Patsy was in huge beauty pageants but realized she wasnt like that at all. She realized they both loved to volunteer.

Pam talked about being at the Ramsey Christmas party. She commented how beautiful and big their house was. The christmas decorations were beautiful. Patsy showed her around the house and told her about times she was sick with cancer. She said the whole family would have a family movie night in their bed because she was too sick to leave. They had popcorn and had wonderful times together. 

Pam said the Christmas party was catered and there was TONS of food.

During Pams tour of their house, she commented on how beautiful JonBenet's room was. Pam said she had a beautiful room growing up but she didnt get to pick anything out so she didnt really like it. Patsy commented and said that too bad because its nice to let children pick out their own colors of their room.

Pam said John and Patsys floor had their own refrigerator.

She (Pam) noticed Patsy's love for birdhouses. She said Patsy had many in her kitchen. She said she found a beautiful one and bought one for Patsy. She imagined how nice it would look inside Patsy's kitchen. Patsy ended up taking it to Charvoix and had it outside. She seemed very bothered that Patsy would put it outside and have it ruined by the weather. She said she never found out why Patsy took it outside. To me, she sounds super silly. She gave it to Patsy as a gift... its a BIRD HOUSE! There should be no stipulations on how a BIRD HOUSE should be used. Ridiculous.

She talked about the YWCA roaring 20's and 30's fashion show they did to raise money. At the end, Patsy and JonBenet walked hand and hand in matching outfits. Everyone loved it. 

She said Patsy helped volunteering whenever possible and everyone loved her. She raised money for Boulder county safehouse chocolate lover fling and ironically sat on stage as a judge with Sheriff  of Boulder County, George EPP.


She said JonBenet was so full of life and the possibilities were endless in her life. She said she had great role models in her life. John and Patsy  provided SECURITY, LOVE and EDUCATION to their kids. She said John and Patsy truly care(d) about their kids and wanted them to experince everything in life. Life became meaniful after her first cancer scare, Why would she take a life  when she almost lost hers?

Her husband,  Michael said he NEVER witnessed ANY abuse of ANY KIND!!!

She talked about a beautiful memory she had the Ramsey family... They spent some time in the summer of 1994 at their charlovix house. Everyone had a great time, eating smores..  fire...dancing.. GOOD FAMILY FUN!!

She played with JonBenet and asked her if she believed in Fairies. JonBenet was super excited and said she did! She said saw she a fairy in a distance and loved chasing the "Fairies" around.

As the fire dimmed out, she asked Patsy if she wished upon a falling star. Patsy commented how she wished she would her cancer wouldnt return until she could send her kids off to college.  She said she wanted to see her kids grew up. Pam said she wished so badly for that because PATSY WAS A CARING MOTHER! Pam said she never wanted the night to end.

One day she said JonBenet lost her jolly ranchers. JonBenet told michael he needed to help her find them. She then said she thinks she threw them down the laundry shoot with their dirty laundry. Pam and  Michael laughed 

Pam wrote that she talked one time with Patsy how children are too trusting of people. Patsy replied "too trusting" . Patsy commented how JonBenet would walk up to strangers and talk with them.

Pam wasnt sure about pageants and didnt know if JonBenet liked them. After she won Miss Charolvix, she handed Pam and Michael a poster with her picture on it.. signed xo xo xo JonBenet.

She commented at the 1995 christmas party that it seemed Santa gave JonBenet extra attention.

December, 1996.. Patsy asked Pam to drive JonBenet in her convertible at the Boulder Parade of lights. 

She said everything went okay until a very well dressed man started running towards their car. He had a very angry face on him.  It happened so fast. They sped up before he got to their car. She stated he looked very familiar and gave her a strange feeling like she knew who he was. 

She talked about the day of the 26th. She said John called them at 6:10 about the kidnapping. They discussed the possibility of John's older kids being in danger too. At that time they had no idea what was really going on.

Pam received a call from Fleet White around 8:00 am.  Fleet started questioning about michael and Johns flight. Pam told fleet she didnt know who he was and questioned if he was the kidnapper and had plans trying to get to Johns other children. Fleet got pissed. Fleet gave her his number to verify his identify.

Pam had a friend come over because she felt upset and needed support. When they found out JonBenet was murdered, they began to sob.

They said the day JonBenet died, they felt a cool breeze. They said it made them feel like JonBenet was okay. They were shocked and in disbelief. She said her husband Michael was closer to JonBenet then she was but they were still so sad.

During the grand jury time.. they stayed at their house because they knew it would be more out of the radar.

The day Burke went infront of the grand jury was long for them. They waited anxiously for Burke to come back. He was there all day and was brought back by Ellis Armstead. Burke came back really tired and wanted to be by himself. They made him feel as comfortable as possible. 

She watched two great people get destroyed by the media. She knew in her well being that they are innocent and did not kill JonBenet.

Many media said Michael hid the murder weapon. They were never really contacted by the Media until one day they came home with Media EVERYWHERE. Their neighbor didnt know they knew the Ramseys so he didnt know what was going on. They went into his property and got too close. So their neighbor came out with a shovel to scare away the reporters. The police eventually came.

They found out Michaels brother, Gary sold a bogus story to the tabloid because they were low on money.
The Ramseys stayed at their house through out the whole ordeal. When they found out no charges were filed, everyone cried including the lawyers. 

She said Nedra, Patsy's mother was very bosy to everyone. She said nedra often said she didnt know what role she played with Patsy and JonBenet. She said Ann Margret called her and asked how Nedra was. 

She discussed the many friendships that failed including the whites and the fernies. She said saw Fleet and Prisicilla later on. Fleet was very nice but Priscilla was very rude.

She lost her job with United way which Patsy volunteered for. She said everyone continued to ask her about JonBenet and they couldnt have the bad publicity.

Overall I thought it was a nice book!!! It wasnt too long but provided a good insight on their relationship with the Ramseys. Over all , they were great friends with them. Learned adorable new stories about JonBenet.
I also read it - it showed that Pam's husband Mike was like a member of the Ramsey family while Pam really did feel she was the wife of an employee most of the time. I think she really felt left out at times.

The book was quite interesting, fills in some details known to few.

I don't like the fact it is not available in hard copy - I don't think most people LIKE paying for a book that is just online but that's just my opinion.
5/3/04 National Examiner: Pam Archuleta May Have Seen Killer
Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by BlueCrab, Apr 28, 2004.

In the May 3, 2004 edition of the National Examiner, with JonBenet's picture on the front cover, Pam Archuleta says that during the December 3, 1996 Parade of Lights in Boulder she saw the man who could have killed JonBenet. From the article:

"JonBenet was sitting up high on the back seat of a Christmas-red convertible with two other pageant contestants, waving to the crowd while the song Jingle Bell Rock was played from the car.

"A plastic sign on the side of the convertible identified her by name and revealed that she was a child beauty queen. Family friend Pam Archuleta held JonBenet's ankle to keep her from falling.

"As they went past one of the town's leading banks, a strange man walked from the crowd toward the BMW. Archuleta says he looked "creepy" and had "a face full of anger and hatred" that she will never forget. She had the impression that the man had seen JonBenet before and recognized her.

"Well-dressed in a tweed jacket and jeans, the man was in his 40's, tall and thin with graying hair. He stared at JonBenet and walked to within two feet of the car.

"For Archuleta, the staring man's behavior marred what until then had seemed an innocent Christmas event that could have taken place in any town in America."

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