message from Jan
Jan posted this on the Internet and has given me permission to post it here.  Please carry it to other forums where it might help the fund grow.

Hello friends,
Susan Bennett (AKA Jameson) is a private individual who has worked on the case of JonBenet' for 20 years.  She has worked tirelessly, at personal sacrifice for the cause of truth and justice for JonBenet' and her family.

We believe Jameson and other investigators are closing in on a few viable suspects - perhaps a ring of criminals.  With recent DNA developments, several expensive tests must be run with a forensic lab.  If you'd be interested in helping solve this case please contribute to  the Go Fund Me fundraising website.  The funds will be used for DNA testing as well as a reward fund.

Further and more importantly, I am declaring Tuesday a day of prayer for this case.  Please join with us in appealing to God, that in His good time and according to His pleasure, the  killer will be revealed so that this case may be resolved.
That's so wonderful she is so supportive!
Both John and Jan have been supportive, made clear by Jan's public statement and John and Jan's generous donation.

In time I will move the campaign from community to memorial in order to reach a larger audience. For now I think it should remain where it is.

This campaign is not intended to be a short term effort but a long standing effort. If by some miracle we see this case solved. I am sure the funds can be used to help other cases find resolution as well.
The GFM has been doing wonderful... despite some losers attempt to get it deleted.
(04-20-2017, 07:31 AM)Summer Dawn Wrote: The GFM has been doing wonderful... despite some losers attempt to get it deleted.

It isn't doing much but I predict it will pick up after a while.      Things are a brewing.
Jan and John are busy with real life, the tourist business is busy and how they pay their bills. But we do stay in touch and I can tell you they are actively helping investigators as they try to sort this case out.

I have emailed them about the new testing that I hope to see done and they know I have contacted the lab, the powers in Boulder and that I am sharing with the Internet as well. I think they will be pleasantly surprised to hear an anonymous benefactor has offered to pay for the new teats.

I hope Testa and Garnett will approve of the testing. If they refuse, how can they explain their unwillingness to let me TRY to help them solve this? I just don't know why they would so am still waiting for some word.

(If they do it themselves and pay for it themselves, I hope they let us know, let the media have the results, even if they release it with a disclaimer.)

For those who want to see for themselves Jan's show of support for the fund.

The fund has not done much but when it is used to pay for some tests I expect I will be able to post a receipt for the tests we pay for - - maybe that will ease the minds of some who question the integrity of the campaign.

The BORG will deny all, but I know inside they have to be ashamed at what they are doing. Just drama queens looking for a place to be part of a gang - - truth be damned. I don't see a single one of them trying to see this solved. I don't know how they can live with themselves. JMO.

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