Why some feel the need to hate Patsy
CRIME BRIEFS: Mother accused of abandonment
December 22, 2011
A 28-year-old mother who has been wanted for nearly four months was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment Dec. 13 for failing to pick up her newborn child from the Tennessee Department of Children Services.
After Nicole L. Gilley, of Brush Creek, and her newborn, who was born Aug. 24, tested positive for narcotics, DCS officials opened an investigation into the matter, according to a Murfreesboro Police Department arrest report filed by Detective Tommy Roberts.
When Gilley and the baby were discharged from the hospital two days later, she agreed to meet an investigator at the DCS office but insisted on having the investigator transport the baby to the office because she did not have a child safety seat. However, she never arrived.
Gilley was held on a $2,500 bond at the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center.

There is a woman in a BORG forum that has a similar name - Nikki Gilly - and I just wonder if they are one and the same.  If so, perhaps that explains why this particular posters seems to love being BORG, part of a gang.  Could be her own lack of parenting skills, her lack of motherly love for her child.  Could be the narcotics.  I really don't know.  But I do wonder.

Nikki - is this you?  Do your friends know?  There

I encourage everyone to visit the above link and report it to the managers of GoFundMe. They encourage people to report fraudulent activity.

Apparently this poster really thinks the people at GoFundMe let just anyone start a campaign like this - - I can tell you it took me weeks to get it approved. They checked on me and my connection and they can see from the bank account that the John Ramsey donation was from John Bennett Ramsey. Anyway, this person wrote to GoFundMe - - and this is the response as he later posted.

TheOneWhoSolvedThisCase posted

The response I received via email:

"Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our Trust & Safety team will be investigating the page and taking appropriate action. Please note that:
1. We will not be able to disclose any details about an ongoing investigation.
2. Personal disputes between two parties will be ignored and should be settled with law enforcement.
3. Your personal information will be kept confidential from the Campaign Organizer.
In addition to the report you have submitted to us, we encourage you to contact law enforcement officials in your area if you believe this user is committing fraud or breaking the law in any way.
Our team will respond if we have any further questions. While every report will be reviewed, we cannot respond to every complaint.
GoFundMe Trust and Safety Team"[/QUOTE]

Since I am not involved in any fraud, I have no fears of such mean-spirited efforts to stop my efforts to advance this investigation.
I was just informed by someone I don't know that the Nichole Gilley in the news story is not the same as the Facebook poster - - but I can't say I know for sure. I am not pretending to be sure, just saying I would not be surprised to find it was.

Fact is, several people posting in the forums have been identified as nasty individuals. If they post with venom - and the Nikki Gilly I know has suggested I should die - they will be known by those posts.

Someone said the poster is a cop. I won't report her - she is not worth the effort. Just will say if she is, I feel sorry for the people getting her on a call.
Who ARE these people? I am being told they are behind the campaign to get me removed from Facebook and are at present trying to get the GoFundMe page taken down.

Monica McCarthy Barrett
Lisa Bartone
Sandra Arteaga Bright
Carla Chase
Megan Kuske
Nikki Gilly
Evelyn Jeffrey
Keri McGary
Amanda Moist
Gloria Williams

Really not expecting an answer - this is being posted for a legal reason.
Ummm wow!!!

First off... that story about the baby is horrific!!! TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So heartbreaking for the baby.. hope her baby is ok and with LOVING people. I could say more but gonna keep my mouth shut, lol.

Second.. how pathetic they are trying to sabotage trying to find justice for a little girl. They are wasting their time reporting it!
this forum fighting and trying to silence the voice of reason has been going on since the day I started posting. They can't stand discussion, they want to be bullies. Best just to keep doing the right thing and let them expose themselves.

Want to go spend time with a great man - taking the night off. have fun
It will only be a matter of them until they expose themselves and wreck their own lives, lol."Not my monkeys, not my circus".

Hope you had a good night! <3 <3 We all deserve a great night with our special someone.
Laurenred7 is a hat registered to Lauren Wilson and Zer0MyHer077 is Sara Osborne. They are friends with Beck Winderlich. They are in charge of the cookie and Kool-Aid snacks at recess.
Keri McGary, Kim Pruitt, Linda Mott, Debbi Taylor and Evelyn Jeffrey - they are among the most disgusting human beings I have ever encountered. Their fantasy is to be at the Atlanta grave of JonBenét when John and Burke go to visit the grave of their family. To stun gun them, sexually assault them - - - I mean SERIOUSLY?

They are the new generation of BORG, every bit as offensive as the old generation. Just want to document this here - -

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