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The thread is no longer open for trolls to post - if you have a question for Raye's daughter, please email it to her.

My questions are as follows:

Cocobabka, if Raye was here now, what do you think she would want us to know?

What can you share with us that we didn't know before?

Are there any documents you can share?
I knew Raye Croghan and often helped her gathering information and monitoring the internet forums for information about the case. We were both close case followers. I believe we met on Jameson's forum about 10 or 11 years ago. We both believed that JMK was a good suspect in the Ramsey case but we researched every single suspect that came along and even found some that were never made public. Raye was a wiz at technology who had founded an identify verification company called IDology. Raye helped Ollie Gray and Lou Smit at times gathering case documents and information about suspects. She set up a tip line, video, and blogs about the case. She contacted experts who agreed to do testing. She contributed information to the Jonbenet Ramsey Case Encyclopedia.
Raye met with Ollie and Lou and discussed the case evidence. They trusted her. She was very internet and computer savy and that was something both of them were lacking. She told me that when she met Lou he looked her with piercing eyes and said "that baby was tortured" He was very angry about it. He wanted the killer caught and it didn't matter who it was. When Raye came back from meeting with Lou and Ollie she told me that "if I ever had any doubts about Ramsey innocence I don't have to. They didn't kill their daughter". (I never had any doubts) In regard to Ollie Gray she always said "I just love that man". They had their own type of code words and nick names. Ollie Gray died last week.
Raye and I visited JonBenet's grave together and asked Patsy for guidance to help them. Raye passed away six years unexpectedly from a brain bleed. (Cocobabka can elaborate further on that).
After Raye's death i got to know her daughter and we have kept in touch over the years. Raye was a unique person and I was honored to get to know her. I hope Raye, Lou, Patsy Jonbenet and now Ollie will be able to help us help the Ramsey get justice for their daughter's murder. I carry on in memory of my friend Raye Croghan who did alot to help the case .
Cocobabka maybe you can elaborate about your mother's experience in befriending John Mark Karr for investigation purposes.

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