What can I say, the Ramsey story is a same old, same old this happened then that happened - - and even if the story teller wanted to include everything - - - it would be impossible because there is SO MUCH to tell.

All I will say is that the story is being told - with a very strong BORG bias.

Patsy was heavily medicated - - we all know that, many of us witnessed it on the TV on 1/1/1997. She was like a zombie with grief and emotion and, clearly, some medication. So her doctor said her interview needed to be at most an hour long. The bully BORG found that to be unacceptable - - they needed more time to have their way with that broken lady. So they refused to interview her at all - - - then screamed the Ramseys were refusing to cooperate.

I agree with Lou Smit - the BPD should have spoken to her then and every chance they could. Ask her if she could recognize the photos of the local pedophiles. Ask about the Secret Santa they were hearing about. Ask her if JonBenet had been wearing those Wednesday panties. Ask her if she had any idea when JonBenet ate that pineapple.

No, the BPD couldn't have her for an unlimited time with no doctor in the room - - - so they went home and brooded - - and made damn sure the media knew the Ramseys weren't cooperating!

BORG blames the Ramseys for a lot of things - - I blame the BORG. Not so much the police who were in over their heads - but the BORG who is just a bunch of bullies with a set agenda - - - to prove their theory no matter WHAT the evidence said.

did John Douglas give his IDI presentation to the grand jury? DG says yes. I honestly don't remember.
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