Roscoe Clark
OK, after reading this guys garbage for a year, I have to make a comment.  YES, he has contact with John Ramsey.  YES, he wants John to give him evidence (which John doesn't possess) in order for his nifty-difty new DNA machine to process promising it will come up with an actual IMAGE of the killer.  Yes, John is cordial to him - - John is cordial to everyone (as evidenced on the Larry King Live show when he sat across the table from Steve Thomas and didn't go for his throat.

So he has a page and an audience and some think he is so smart.  Well, I think he is a total fraud.

I asked him to let me submit a blind sample to him - - I would of course know the identity of the source of good DNA and would share that with 5 other people before he did his testing - - let's see how close his image is.  He didn't even respond to the challenge.  I think he hasn't got a real lab and can't do what he says.  He's a man with some sharp ideas, maybe a shop at his house - - but a scientist this man is NOT!

OK, having said that, here is part of his insane theory.  (I promise the evidence does not fit his story.)

He wrote,

"Jonbenet Investigation added 6 new photos.
· April 20 at 5:21pm ·
The intruder that turn into a killer after the 911 call for help got him self lock inside a remodeled elevator shaft after the police search the basement. He had to pry him self out of this space. A broken Red knife was located in the basement.
After the police tried to open the wine cellar door that had the killer and JonBenet inside this room, the killer left this room soon after the police search the basement and went back upstairs.
Soon as posible the killer exited the wine cellar and as the killer was looking at the basement windows as a possible exit point, a neighbor came walking down the basement steps calling out JonBenet's name.
The killer had to quickly find a hidding place and entered the remodeled elevator shaft space in the train room.
The self closing and self locking door closed and lock him inside this room. There was no inside way to open the door, this was a safty door for the elevator shaft.
When the basement was cleared of people, the killer found himself lock inside this steel door and frame room. He had to pry himself self out with a red knife. He left fresh damage to the painted surfaces. This was reported to the police by John Ramsey that morning.
By this time the police move the people in the house to the Den and the sun room. The basement steps could not be seen from these two locations, the killer simply walk up the basement steps, turn right and exited out the left open and unlock butler kitchen door.
A neighbor seen a tall, brown hair, white male run very fast from the side yard, this was after the police was there at the home for some time.
The killer was still in the house when the police search the basement.
Case fact.
Frost and snow covered the Ramsey's property the early morning at 6 am.
The police with their flashlights search the yard for any signs for foot prints in the snow and frost. There was no track. Case facts.
Because the killer was still in the basement just like JonBenet was in the wine cellar.
Now you know more about this case.
Team JBI"

My comment - his case facts are fiction.  Don't buy it.
Lol he is insane!!! He drives me crazy that he actually tells people he has all this evidence. He really believes the killer left after the 911 call. He is cookoo lol
I did give him a chance to make me a supporter - - just prove the machine works - - let me send him a good DNA sample and see if he can come up with an image - - - and I am wondering how that is possible if I don't tell him the person's age. He was silent.

Some of his "evidence" doesn't math the facts I have. I just don't believe he can help solve this. Don't think he is credible and just having some contact with John isn't enough to make me think he is anything more than a kook.
More of Roscoe Clark's case - that is NOT supported by the physical evidence. The man is a menace to any sane discussion of the Ramsey case.

With JonBenet's arms place behind her back and the cord to her neck in place, the killer takes the paint stick end and run the stick through the third loop of the hand restraints. Because the cord from the neck runs down her back, he simply pulls up on the cord and choke her for three minutes.
The small brown extention power cord that had one end cut off was inverted into JonBenet inside her oversize panty, all the killer to revived her using 120 volts of power, the power cord was located at the door opening of the boiler room and next to the wine cellar door,
This act of choking JonBenet happen many times that night.

The uses of the paint stick was to made a path for the small power cord, this was not a sex crime.
It was a personal cause homicide

Team JBI
How is this man accessing evidence to test it?
UThe problem I see with his site is that a lot of people are taking the stuff he says and running with it as it is a fact.  He even liked my comment when I said he made up the story that Jonbenet was electrocuted with cords handing in the basement.
My opinion on Roscoe Clark is as follows.

The guy has taken a bunch of 1 and 2 hour classes that make a pile of "papers". He certainly HAS been in touch with John Ramsey. But he is not a Ramsey expert at all, nowhere close. He has a ton of imaginative misinformation and by repeating his CSI, CSI, CSI.... he's still wrong.

Is he EVER right? Yes, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

I was banned from facebook. Since I did nothing wrong to deserve to be banned -- and with the copies of posts I have received showing a conspiracy of BORG to complain about me until they WOULD ban me - - I can just say "Shame on Facebook for being bullied into banning me and a few others, making the forums 99% BORG.

So I don't see a lot of what is happening there. But I have seen Roscoe's stuff and.... the man is a fraud. Doesn't know the facts but pretends he does.
Some of his stuff is almost to the point of how he would have done it. Almost a fantasy he is enjoying. Creepy.
I think he is a huge fan of crime stories, addicted to this one and .... I think he'd like to solve this but never will because he can't separate fact from fiction.
I understand Roscoe has solved this - - NOT

He has a Face Book page where he lists evidence that is simply not right.

He says the killer used a brick to hit JBR in the head three times. Just didn't happen.

But one thing I did find interesting is that he also says he and his "team" - I don't think he has help - have never read a single Ramsey book.

I think the guy gives IDI supporters a bad name and wish he would just go away.

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