That is the label of the good DNA in this case - the DNA found mixed with JonBenet's blood in her panties.  (from the sexual assault, the DNA was MIXED with her blood, not layered, comingled)

It was entered into CODIS years ago and has been used to clear dozens of people.

I have documents proving that.

I have no idea why DA Mary Lacy brought the long john DNA into the discussion as that IS a confusing bit of evidence.  But this profile - - it is golden and should not be ignored.
When this was entered into CODIS, only 13 loci were necessary to have it entered. That number has risen and I do not have a printed out profile of the larger number. But I DO have the 13 loci profile.

I believe the new testing being done in Colorado at the CBI is intending to identify the alleles for MORE loci, at least the 20 needed now to enter CODIS.

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