2 books

  1. Two books citing Henry Lee as author - Henry C. Lee and Jerry Labriola. Famous Crimes Revisited: From Sacco-Vanzetti to OJ Simpson.   2001
 - reported by Internet readers as being neutral, not pointing to anyone as the killer.

BUT - just a few years later, there is another book, another chapter and this one is listed online as being BORG - the parents were involved.

Cracking More Cases: The Forensic Science of Solving Crimes   2004
That's because Lee was hired as a consultant for the defense in the former and for the prosecutors in the latter.  This is all quite consistent with those who criticize Lee as going along with those who hired him --- that he says (using technical terms) whatever those who pay him want him to say. 

I would say that he, like many experts and pseudo-experts in a technical field and rather than being a mere puppet, looks for "scientific" evidence and technical arguments that support the position of whoever hires him.  He does not use the best evidence unless it is a coincidence; like other technical hired guns and attorneys in general, he will use whatver he can, regardless of how thin it is.  Because he's not a very competent scientist, he often makes mistakes, and some of the arguments he makes are ludicrous.  But because he knows how to charm people, and because he knows technical jargon, unknowing and uncritical juries often accept whatever he has to say so he has a lot of business.
When I spoke to him he was very professional, helped me by explaining the details of how I needed to collect and keep evidence and protect chain of custody.

Later it did seem he was not pleased with the limited information he was given - - he wanted to see EVERYTHING and that was not happening.

Most recently it seems he kind of agreed with the latest person to buy him a cup of coffee and bend his ear. At least to a point.

I still think CBS taped him for hours and the editors made Lee appear to be approving of things he was not.

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