The ransom note advised the Ramseys to collect $118,000.00 as a ransom.  Since the Ramseys were worth several million dollars, their business had just been noted in the news as having hit a BILLION dollars in sales in that year, the amount is almost silly.

But the number had to mean something to the killer.

BORG theory has it, and most BORG insist, the 118 was a reference to the bible.  They say that was Patsy's favorite Psalm (though Patsy and John said otherwise).  They say it describes the murder, a religious sacrifice, but I honestly don't see it. 

If it WAS a religious sacrifice, does the BORG really think it would involve a sex assault and ransom note?  I sure do not.

If a religious sacrifice - - - isn't that something a person would WANT "on the record"?  I mean, the blood of an early Jewish sacrifice of a lamb was used to mark the door as a sign to God - and everyone else, right?  What good to kill a sacrifice and blame someone else for the act?  Sorry, just makes no sense.  Patsy wasn't in a cult, the parishoners sacrificed money and time and talent, not their kids.  (And JonBenét wasn't even a first born!)

BORG confuses me when they are so sure Patsy asked for that amount because of some... assinine theory like that one.

118 might be a date, a weight, a house number, the number of miles traveled that day. Only the killer knows for sure.

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