Patsy and her violent temper
When Haney was interrogating Patsy, on the third day he got tough and was actually accusing her of the murder. Here is the bit where she supposedly got angry -- and while her words were rough, she sure wasn't at his throat -- we all saw it and know now that story was BORG spin -- put out by the BPD to make the public feel angry towards the parents.

Detective Tom Haney to Patsy Ramsey: "JonBenét got up and somebody in that house - legally,
lawfully, in that house - one of the three of you, also happens to be up or gets up because she makes noise and, there is some discussion, or something happens, there's an accident, somebody........."

Patsy Ramsey: "You're going down the wrong path, buddy."

Detective Tom Haney: "Okay, somebody accidentally or somebody gets upset over bedwetting. That's one of the things that's been proposed, okay?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Didn't happen. If she got up in the night and ran into somebody, it was somebody
there that wasn't supposed to be there. I don't know what transpired after that, whether it was an
accident, intentional, premeditated or what not, but it was not one of her three family members that
were also in that house. Period. End of statement."

I think most people would not be so cordial if they were being accused of a murder they did not commit.
For people looking for more information on this subject, I would invite them to visit the thread under BOOKS, the book written by Linda McLean. Many people from her past deny she had a bad temper.

Those silly stories about her denying JonBenét a sweater have been around a long time but the source for that was Frank Coffman who claimed he heard it from Judith Phillips who would not repeat the story when asked to verify. (At least that is what my memory of that is at the moment. If there is better documentation showing it was someone else, I am sure someone will provide it. Still, I think this is correct.)

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