The earlier 911 call
During the Christmas party on the night of December 23rd, 1996, someone from the Ramsey house dialed 911 and then hung up.

No one publicly claimed responsibility for that call, but it was established early on (and accepted by LE) that the call was made by Fleet White - a mistake, not a call for help.

The police may or may not have gone to the house but they certainly did CALL the house.  The phone was answered by a child who then gave the phone to Susan Stine.  She assured the police that everything was fine, there was no trouble there, and that ended the conversation.   If police had been at the house, why would they call and not just knock on the door?  I think they got the hang up call and just called back.

Some have speculated that the call was made by the killer who wanted to see how quickly police would respond to a 911 call.  

Personally, I really don't see that happening.  The killer, if he intended to leave that ransom note and actually take JonBenet from her house, would have already been far from the house when the note was found - - so what difference would it make if the police responded in 2 minutes, 10 or 20?  

Fleet White's mother was ill in another state and he was on the phone discussing and arranging necessary treatment options.  The phone had several lines out and it may be that he instinctively pressed 9 for an outside line (I really don't know) but accidental 911 calls are not at all rare or evidence of guilt.

I was asked about this call so decided to include the information here.  If anyone has something to add, post it or let me know via email.
(07-15-2017, 07:06 PM)jameson245 Wrote: so what difference would it make if the police responded in 2 minutes, 10 or 20? 

I am one of those who speculated, but reached no definite conclusion, that the perpetrator did indeed check the response time.

The reason for checking is not that they would have felt some need to know how long it would take to respond to a later call to 911 regarding the ransom note, but instead to know how much time they had to get out if the Ramseys awoke during the crime and called 911.  It would not have been difficult to monitor the line for activity, and it would not have been much more difficult to eavesdrop.  The advantage of eavesdropping compared to merely monitoring line activity (yes/no) is that sometimes the 911 dispatcher will say where the responders are and/or how much longer it may take for them to arrive.  Sometimes dispatchers will even say something like, "OK, they're out in front of your house now; can you see them?"  These little tidbits can be the difference between getting caught and going free.  Operating totally blind is far more likely to get one caught.

But admittedly, a portable scanner would probably be a lot better if it could be kept relatively quiet.
I had not thought of the possibility that the killer would even consider what would happen if the Ramseys woke while he was in the house - - I always believed he was a burglar type who expected to be long gone before they woke. But I guess that would make the experiment reasonable.

Still don't believe that was the case, though. Especially not when we know Fleet had placed a similar call before when HIS daughter was missing. He knew the response time in Boulder was reasonable because Boulder really isn't very big - - and in the dead of the night with little traffic....
Has anyone ever checked out the police logs for the night of the 25th to see if there were (say) a couple of 911 calls to things that turned out to be nothing at about the same time at any time that night?  In other words, has anyone checked to see if there were a couple of suspicious reports that may have been distractions that night?  That's probably what I would have done if I were the perpetrator --- just have the cops run off to some area remote from the Ramsey home at about the same time as I was entering and/or leaving.   It's important not to be observed by cops who might make a note of car type and model or even tag number, and especially important not to have any record of being stopped for some reason.
Nevr heard anything about the police logs for that night. Interesting question.

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