A couple quotes
These were found in Paula Woodward's book.

District Attorney Mary Lacy:  "There will be those who will choose to continue to differ with our conclusion.  But DNA is very often the most reliable forensic evidence we can hope to find, and we rely on it often to bring to justice those who have committed crimes."

And from Police Chief Mark Beckner I have three quotes to share.  After llearning of the 2008 testing on the DNA, he said that was a "significant finding".  The he went on.
"The police department has continued to look diligently for the source of the foreign DNA, and to date we have compared DNA samples taken from more than 200 people."
"Finding the source of the DNA is key to helping us determine who killed JonBenét."

And in 2015, the Daily Camera shared this quote:  "I think the only thing I would emphasize is that the unknown DNA is very important. And I'm not involved anymore, but that has got to be the focus of the investigation.  In my opinion, at this moment, that's your suspect."

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