Look at the flashlight on the kitchen counter
Yes: It could have been placed into a baggie or in wax paper, etc. before being used. Or it could have been stored in or near something that out-gassed and coated it with some kind of waxy substance over a long period of time.

I wouldn't at all be surprised, assuming that the flashlight is the blunt-force trauma weapon, if the perpetrator wrapped it in something before using it, especially if he planned on taking it with him.  It would keep the flashlight free of blood and tissue.
The blow to the head did not break the skin so there was no blood or tissue. Doesn't prove it was the murder weapon, but it may help someone ID the killer - I mean, if he left it behind, maybe someone in HIS house remembers their flashlight went missing that Christmas.
(08-07-2017, 10:18 AM)jameson245 Wrote: The blow to the head did not break the skin so there was no blood or tissue. 

Correct, but he didn't know that in advance.
I honestly think the flashlight was one of the officers. They say no prints were retrieved and that it was wiped clean but that only tells me that no identifiable prints were found. I don’t trust the BPD and they have a way of saying things that are deceitful.
(08-05-2017, 08:18 PM)jameson245 Wrote: Fact - there was an unidentified "waxy type substance" on the flashlight.  Any thoughts on that?

I assume that this is the same flashlight that the BPD said had "disappeared" for awhile?  (When in fact it was later found on an inventory sheet of theirs.) And that this was the same flashlight that John Andrew had given John as a gift at an earlier time?  

I read on another forum that John couldn't identify the flashlight because he was shown a photo of it after the crime lab had processed it for fingerprints, and the chemicals used in the processing turned the aluminum surface of the flashlight a mottled color. Also, that the anodized aluminum casing was not damaged.
TT: Let me first describe the picture for the tape, cause the secretary’s going to kill me. That’s the back sink right there at he bottom of the circular staircase.
PR: Right.
TT: OK. OK. That photograph of that.
ST: Patsy, to the best of your memory, how many flashlights did your family own or keep in the house on the 15th Street?
PR: I don’t know.
ST: Do you…
PR: Burke had some round ones, you know.
ST: Did John, as a pilot or for the cars in the garage or the house, did he, do you recall flashlights?
PR: I think we had kind of a big one, I don’t know where it was. I think John Andrew gave it to John for, I don’t know whether he gave it to him for the plane or not. I know he keeps one in the plane, I think.
ST: Can you describe that for me, what color it was for example?
PR: The one John gave…
ST: Uh-huh.
PR: I think it was in that drawer that, that little, we usually kept it I think in that drawer. Yeah.
ST: Maybe in this room somewhere in this vicinity.
PR: Yeah, and I think it was like a big black one, you know.
ST: Well, is this picture, and that’s not a good photo. Would that be representative of the flashlight that you are describing.
PR: Yeah, probably, I’m afraid don’t know what this it is.
ST: Ad for the purpose of the tape, I’m showing Patsy a photograph depicting, is that the kitchen table?
TT: Kitchen counter.
ST: Kitchen counter, with several items, but including what appears to be a flashlight on it.
PR: Yeah, it appears to be. I remember a big, he gave him a big flashlight at one time, but I don’t remember.
TT: Is it plastic material it’s made out of?
PR: It seemed like it was heavy, I don’t know.
PR: John would remember.
TT: OK, next let me do this for the secretary. When you were talking about the drawer that the flashlight was normally kept in, refer back to that other picture, the drawer by the sink.
PR: Yeah.
TT: Bottom of the staircase.
PR: Yeah.
TT: The drawer to the left of (inaudible).
PR: Kind of a catchall, sort of.
TT: Dump drawer.
PR: Dump drawer, we have lots of junk drawers.
ST: Patsy, did you or John or anybody in the family own a pair of binoculars?
PR: We have binoculars somewhere.
PR: I think we’ve got some on the (inaudible), I think.
ST: OK. But again, probably like the flashlight, can you describe, recollect that pair of binoculars…
PR: I think there was some binoculars up I John Andrew’s room, up on the dresser, the highboy, I think.
ST: Green, black, blue, red?
PR: I, black I think. I don’t remember. I don’t think they’re blue or red. I don’t know where they cam from or…
No homeowner would need to wipe batteries clean but it is a wise move for a burglar or killer. Here's an article about a killer leaving his prints on the batteries inside the flashlight. It was a stupid mistake. Someone who has really thought about "law enforcement countermeasures and tactics" and "security measures" would more than likely be the owner of the flashlight with clean batteries.


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