BODE reports

March 24, 2008 – These are the results of the Bode Lab/Technology examining the waist band of the long john to compare it to the 1997 DNA results from the panties.

June 20, 2008 – These are test results comparing the March, 2008 Touch DNA Test results from JonBenét’s long johns with the 1997 DNA testing from JonBenét’s panties and from under the fingernails of each hand.

(My note - I felt the fingernail findings were interesting but far to weak to be a deciding factor in this case.  Maybe later the process will be better and the fingernail results will impress me more.  But I do feel it is important that all the experts feel the man who left his DNA mixed with the blood in her panties ALSO left his DNA under her nails.  She was fighting her killer and that is important to know.)

These reports relate to the testing done on the pink nightgown found with the body - - and I don't understand why we have these tests when she was not wearing the nightgown that night.  I personally would much rather see the testing that was done on the white top she wore to the Whites' house party and then wore to bed.
I would guess its from seeing visible blood on the night gown. Ive always thought tge sequins had to have trapped fibers or dna though.

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