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Full Version: May 15, 1997 - general update and Kim Ballard
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May 15, 1997 - Ramsey Update #44
May 15, 1997
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations, 441-3090
Ramsey Case New Release Index

  • Boulder Police received DNA test results from Cellmark Diagnostics on Tuesday, May 13. This material was sent to Cellmark on March 4, 1997; tests began the week of March 31. There will be no additional information provided on the content of the test results by the Boulder Police.
  • Boulder Police Detectives Melissa Hickman and Jane Harmer were in Tucson, Arizona this week to conduct a pre-arranged interview with Kim Ballard. This interview had been arranged through the Tucson Police Department, however, after waiting four hours to conduct the interview, Ms. Ballard declined to be interviewed. This was the second attempt by Boulder Police to interview Ms. Ballard; there will be no additional attempts to interview her. According to Detective Commander John Eller, “At this point, we would have to consider anything Ms. Ballard may say as suspect. We don’t plan to set up other interviews with her."
  • Police are still requesting a fifth handwriting sample from Patricia Ramsey. This request is being coordinated through the Boulder District Attorney’s Office.
  • Boulder Police are in the in the process of analyzing and evaluating over 13,000 pages of transcripts and various test results. During this phase of the investigation there will be a core group of five Boulder Police detectives, two to four attorney’s from the Boulder DA’s Office, and two investigators from the DA’s Office dedicated to this case.
Since January 1, 1997, 470 cases have been assigned to the detective division for follow-up; 364 have been completed. There are 111 cases that merit follow-up, which have not been assigned due to the Ramsey investigation, the investigation of last Friday’s murder of Ruediger Jakob-Chien, and other critical cases. Adds Eller, “We need to work other important cases and thus have reassigned some officers. Should there be a need for more assistance on the Ramsey investigation, we will call in officers as needed.”
NOTE TO MEDIA: Unless otherwise warranted, media inquiries will be responded to between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (MST), Monday through Friday.
Kimberly Ballard later joined the WebbSleuths forum and posted quite a bit.  She started out defending her position as a mistress for a short time then admitted it was all a lie.  She had seen him, knew who he was, had eaten in a cafeteria with him and been introduced - - but there was never any affair.