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While there was NO evidence of any prior sexual molestation, the BORG is quick to point out that light petting, oral sex and other sex acts don't result in physical damage to the victim. Just FYI, no one near her saw any emotional evidence of such problems either. From family to friends to teachers and her doctor, no one said they had been concerned about that.
At the time of her death, the evidence tells a story. The killer broke a paintbrush to make a handle for his garrote. A very small sliver of paintbrush stuck to the killer's finger and was carried to her genital area. There were no scratches or sores on her that would support a claim that the paintbrush had been used. There was nothing found on the paintbrush that indicated it had been used to hurt her.
There were a few drops of blood that fell into her panties during the assault - - and a man's DNA was found co-mingled with her blood in the drops of blood. The same DNA was NOT located on the fabric between the drops of blood.
There is NO innocent explanation for the DNA found in her panties. A profile was identified - GSLDPD99178617 - and that was entered into CODIS. That profile was used to clear more than a dozen suspects including Fleet White and John Fernie, Gary Oliva and Rick Gardiner, Michael Helgoth and JonBenet's father and brothers.
Someone has gotten away with this murder - - and he had contact with other people... family, friends, co-workers. Someone must have a suspicion. Maybe they convinced themselves it really WAS a family matter and not an intruder. But the fact is the case is still open and the killer has not been exposed. If someone has a suspicion, if someone knows something, PLEASE come forward.