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Full Version: Dr. Beuf 2/14/1997
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"Dr. Beuf - NO abuse"
Posted by jams on Nov-18-00 at 08:55 PM (EST)

On Friday evening, February 14, 1997, KUSA-TV aired an interview with Dr. Beuf.

Anchor: JonBenet Ramsey's pediatrician says he is convinced she was not sexually abused.

And, he says, he told Boulder Police investigators that when they asked him.

He said he would only talk with one media person and that person was Paula Woodward.

Woodward: He said he wants the information he has as JonBenet's pediatrician out in the public, but he's appalled by media coverage and so will only talk once.

Dr. Francesco Beuf says he saw JonBenet 30 times in 3 years. He said the last time he saw her was five weeks before she died.

Woodward: When you talked with the police, did they ask you about sexual abuse of JonBenet?

Beuf: Yes, of course they did.

Woodward: What did you tell them?

Beuf: I told them absolutely, categorically no. There was absolutely no evidence - either physical or historical.

Woodward: And that's from seeing her 30 times in 3 years?

Beuf: About that.

Woodward: What else did they ask you?

Beuf: Oh, they asked many of the same questions you've been asking: relationship with her parents, what sort of child she was, if there was any indication of depression and sadness.

Woodward: And your answers?

Beuf: Only as appropriate. If she was sick, she wasn't feeling too well. If her mother was off being treated for cancer, she was sad at that.

Woodward: He talked with us in the treatment room where he saw her five weeks before she was killed.

Was she an ordinary kid?

Beuf: No. I think she was extraordinary in the amount of charm that she had. And sweetness was the quality I appreciated most.

Woodward: Where you aware of how much she was in beauty pageants or whether she was?

Beuf: I don't know how much she was in beauty pageants. When she was here, I think I heard it mentioned a couple of times. In the last year that she was doing it, it just wasn't a big deal. The big deal was how she was doing things with her friends here. How she was going to Michigan with her parents. Just the fun things in life. The beauty pageants just didn't seem to be at the top of the heap by any means.

Woodward: Tell me what she said to you.

Beuf: To be honest with you, I can't remember. I just remember it made me feel good to see that much happiness and niceness in one spot.

Woodward: Thirty visits in 3 years. He said her parents were good about getting her in and it wasn't an abnormal amount of visits.

Do you think JonBenet was sexually abused?

Beuf: I do not think she was sexually abused. I am convinced she wasn't sexually abused.

Woodward: Dr. Beuf also treats JonBenet's 10 year old brother Burke Ramsey. He describes him as a neat kid. Likes to play video games. That he's very bright and trying hard to deal with something he can't fully understand yet. Dr. Beuf says Burke Ramsey is just another nice kid whom he likes.

end of interview
The BORG ignored anything that doesn't fit their theory, they post whatever they want as if posting it three times makes it true.

Take this post on Facebook posted recently

Michelly Hurtado posted

Burke is a bastar sick individual since little!
She was been abused since the age of 3 when all the doctors appointments started.
Yeast infection on a 3 year old does not occur 33 times from taking bubble baths, I have a child myself she’s 6 healthy years old and have never taken my baby to the doctors because of such a thing as an yeast infection!
November, 1996 - JonBenét was seen by her doctor for the last time - a little on her medical records and the doctor's observations.
Dr. Beuf saw JonBenét 27 times between March, 1993 and November, 1996.
Most of those visits were for sinus infections and colds. There was one for an injured finger, another after a fall in a grocery store.
He mentioned once in an interview that she had a scar on her face from being hit with a golf club, but he did not say he had attended her for that injury - just noted that the scar was there and he thought Burke had hit her. I suggest it was an accident since it appears to have been an isolated incident and not an unusual accident for active kids.
On five occasions he did a brief examination of the external genitalia. He said on Primetime live that he never did a speculum exam and did not suggest in any way that he did any type of internal exam. Here is the information on those 5 "vaginal" exams.
9/1993 -age 3 - JonBenét had had a recent bout of diarrhea and was complaining of pain during urination and there was vaginal redness. Typical treatment would be plain water baths, possibly use of an ointment.
4/1994 - age 3 - another visit concerning pain during urination - possibly related to bubble bath (a known irritant). This is in the doctor's records and appears to be the only time bubble bath caused the problem. Again, the typical treatment would be plain water baths and possibly an ointment.
10/1994 - age 4 - a routine physical, no inflammation noted. It WAS noted that she OCCASIONALLY wet the bed - not unusual - Dr. Beuf told Primetime live that 20-25% of children wet the bed occasionally at the age of 4.
3/1995 - age 4 - JonBenét was brought to the doctor with abdominal pain and fever. He did a full physical check on her and ran tests.
8/1996 - age 5 - A routine physical (possibly a pre-school exam which may have included a brief visual examination of the genital area). Nothing noted as abnormal.
This is the extent of the "vaginal" exams performed on JonBenét.
The last time Dr. Beuf saw JonBenét as a patient was five weeks before she died - a check-up after a sinus infection.
Dr. Beuf issued a statement - "My office treated JonBenét Ramsey from March, 1993 through December, 1996. Throughout this period, there has been absolutely no evidence of abuse of any kind."
On February 14, 1997, Dr. Beuf was interviewed on KUSA-TV. He reported that they did ask him about prior sexual abuse of JonBenét. His answer? "I told them absolutely, categorically no. There was absolutely no evidence - either physical or historical."
In the British Documentary produced in the first half of 1998, Dr Beuf said , "I saw absolutely no signs of sexual abuse. I had no suspicion of it. I always think about sexual abuse with any child ... who comes through this practice, because it is such a terribly destructive thing ... in JonBenét's case I saw absolutely no evidence."
From Mills documentary "JonBenet's America"

in the four years before her death, JonBenet was taken to this pediatric clinic 27 times.

Patsy: How could that be child abuse for heavens sake. My child is sick, I'm going to take my child to the doctor. You know, I mean you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Tracey to Dr. Beuf: JonBenet was brought to see you on 27 occasions. Does this number of visits
strike you as excessive?

Dr. Beuf: No, I don't think it's excessive under the circumstances. I went through her chart and summarized the types of visits she had in the office in the few years prior to her death. She was here three times for annual well-child visits, one time for stomach ache, one time for vaginitis, one time for a bruised nose from a fall at a local market, and 21 times for colds, sinusitis, ear infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, hay fever, and possible asthma. A pretty wide spectrum of generally allergy and respiratory system associated problems which are not uncommon with kids her age.

Tracey: So that number 27, one would expect that other children would have similar numbers of
Dr. Beuf: Some more and in some cases less than others.
Tracey: In that kind of time frame?
Dr. Beuf: Yes.
Tracey: Did you see any signs of any kind of sexual or physical abuse of JonBenet Ramsey?
Dr. Beuf: I saw absolutely no signs of sexual abuse. I had no suspicion of it.

Man: Other media stories have suggested that vaginal inflamation released in the autopsy report suggests previous sexual abuse. This conclusion is not supported by the balance of medical opinion.

Dr. Thomas Henry: {Denver Medical Examiner} From what is noted in the autopsy report, there is no evidence of injury to the anus, there is no evidence of injury to the skin around the vagina, the labia. There is no indication of healed scars in any of those areas. There is no other indication from the autopsy report at all that there is any other previous injuries that have healed in that area.