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Full Version: assault during murder
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from Steve Thomas deposition

Q. Well, did all the experts agree that JonBenet Ramsey was alive at the time of the injury to her

A. Again, I don't know what experts you're referring to but we had --
Q. The ones that you listened to.
A. Let me finish, Mr. Wood.
Q. The ones that your department hired?
A. At times there was, among experts, as was to be expected, there was conflict of opinion. But
regarding the prior vaginal trauma if that's what you're asking about, this blue ribbon panel of pediatric
medical experts they brought in seemed to me to be in agreement on some other conclusions.
Q. I'm talking about the acute vaginal trauma she suffered at the time of her murder. The
agreement was unanimous that she was alive at the time that that vaginal trauma was inflicted, true?
A. Yes, I believe that's correct.
Q. Now, tell me who the members were of what you call the blue ribbon panel of pediatric experts,
give me their names, please.
A. I think the FBI recommended --
Q. Just their names, not the recommendation?
A. -- and tried to -- and he participated, was a doctor from California, Dr. John McCann, from
Miami was Dr., I believe it's, Valerie Rau and the third gentleman from St. Louis, I think he was the
Dean of the Children's Hospital or the pediatrics at Glenn Cannon and I don't recall his name offhand.
Q. Anybody else on this panel?
A. On and off, we saw one of Hunter's advisors, which was Krugman.
Q. Was he on the blue ribbon panel that you keep referring to?
A. Krugman?
Q. Yeah, the blue ribbon panel of pediatric experts that I asked you about. Was Krugman on that
A. No.
Q. Okay.
A. I think that panel consisted of those three individuals.
and later in same depo

Q. Did you know a Dr. Monteleone, M-o-n-t-e-l-e-o-n-e?
A. As a matter of fact, I think that's the name I could not recall that was the pediatric expert from
St. Louis.
Q. Did he ever indicate that he did not believe that parents would engage in the type of staging that
was being argued existed in the Ramsey case in the absence of pathology?
A. Well, that certainly I think would contradict what he put in a report on letterhead to the Boulder
Police Department.

Q. So you recall that report. Was that one of the documents you copied?
A. I don't know --
Q. Or received?
A. -- if that is, but I do recall that report and in that report I think the outstanding mention was that
he was of the opinion that she had sustained prior vaginal trauma prior to December 26 or 25.
BORG confuses me when they insist there was evidence of prior sexual assault.

There was clear evidence of a sexual assault that took place when she was being murdered, not before. Dr. Beuf's records and other records make that clear.