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  McGuckins Hardware
Posted by: jameson245 - 10-21-2019, 03:23 PM - Forum: Duck Tape - No Replies

Documentation in green X files - - police bought SIX rolls of black duct tape from McGuckins.

That much can be proven

FBI evidence #K003 1-6  same as  BPD 055RPG

No reason to believe any match was made to those rolls.

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Posted by: jameson245 - 10-13-2019, 10:55 AM - Forum: lab reports - Replies (31)

.pdf   19961230-CBIrpt.pdf (Size: 175.64 KB / Downloads: 1)

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Thumbs Down Patsy's jacket fibers
Posted by: jameson245 - 10-12-2019, 10:00 PM - Forum: Fiber and Hair Evidence - Replies (1)

10-04-2002 48 Hours Investigates - "Searching for a Killer"

Erin Moriarty: (Talking to Patsy) "What do you think about these fibers?"

Patsy Ramsey:
"After John discovered the body and she was brought to the living room. I laid eyes on her; I knelt down and hugged her. But I was, had my whole body on her body. My sweater fibers or whatever I had on that morning are going to transfer to her clothing."

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Posted by: jameson245 - 10-12-2019, 09:43 PM - Forum: odds and ends - Replies (1)

04-14-2000 Larry King Live with former Detective Steve Thomas

Larry King: "What about the suitcase under the bedroom window?"

Steve Thomas: "Well, I think that's easily explained -- under the basement window."

Larry King: "Basement window."

Steve Thomas:
"One, a witness in the house that day moved the suitcase, but I don't think these crime scene photos that some are relying upon are necessarily indicative of what a true pristine crime scene was that day."

Larry King: "Meaning?"

Steve Thomas:
"Meaning, the suitcase was moved at one point during the day before that photograph was taken."


Facts - John said the suitcase was not normally stored in that room.  When Fleet White first saw the suitcase, it was flush with the wall and for some rason, he changed the position.   Glass on it may have been dropped by intruder as Patsy said she had cleaned up all the pieces when she told LHP to have Mervin replace the glass (never done).

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  lou said
Posted by: jameson245 - 10-12-2019, 09:32 PM - Forum: Cord ligature - Garrote - No Replies

October 4, 2002 8pm DST CBS 48 Hours Investigates - Searching for a Killer

Erin Moriarty: (Voice Over) "But what about the fibers from Patsy Ramsey's jacket that police say were in the paint tray and on the sticky side of duct tape covering JonBenet's mouth"

Erin Moriarty:
"Is there a fact that there were fibers consistent with Patsy Ramsey's jacket incriminating?"

Lou Smit:

Erin Moriarty: "But does that shake your faith that the Ramsey's were not involved?"

Lou Smit:
"No, you just can't rely on fiber evidence because fibers could come off the jacket or something similar to the jacket."

Erin Moriarty: (Voice Over) "Once more says Smit there were also dozens of unidentified fibers that didn't come from the Ramsey's and Smit is unaware of a single case where a parent used a garrote like this to kill a child."

Lou Smit: "This is one of the best clues left behind by the killer. This shows what's going on in his mind. This is a sexual device. He's a pedophile who's a sexual sadist. That's what Lou Smit's looking for."

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  John Douglas book Mindhunter
Posted by: jameson245 - 10-12-2019, 09:26 PM - Forum: Disproving Myths - Replies (1)

2000 "The Cases That Haunt Us" by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker

Page 298

"Upon meeting John Ramsey, I informed him who I was, shook his hand, and expressed my sorrow for his loss. As it turned out, there was some significance to the fact that neither he nor Patsy knew who I was. Subsequent to this, several sources, including Detective Steve Thomas, reported that Mindhunter, the first book I wrote with Mark, was on John Ramsey's nightstand. In this book we deal with staging crime scenes, and some speculated that one or both of the Ramseys had read it and "learned" how to outwit investigators to make it look as if someone from outside had killed their child. First, I have to say that they--or anyone else--would not have learned this from reading the book. We didn't write a how-to-course, and any good investigator would see right through such a primitive attempt. Morover, much as we would like to think that everyone has read our books and knows who we are,
Mindhunter was not there on John's nightstand or elsewhere in the house, and I looked through the place pretty carefully. Believe me, as an author you learn to spot your books anywhere and everywhere. And it was not on the long police list of items removed from the house, although a "Dave Barry book about cyberspace" was. This is just one small example of the mountain of erroneous information that has come out about this case. While I understand that John read Mindhunter after meeting me, he was completely unfamiliar with my work at the time of the crime."

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  Ramsey reading habits
Posted by: jameson245 - 10-12-2019, 09:18 PM - Forum: odds and ends - No Replies

July 21, 1998 Linda Wilcox (former Ramsey housekeeper) interview on Peter Boyles Show

Peter Boyles: We'll talk about the police interview and we'll talk about the books by the bed. One of the stories we broke was about John Douglas' book Mindhunter being seen in the crime scene photos. You know a little bit about books by the Ramseys beds...

Linda Wilcox: Well, they each had a pile of books in the corner by the bed. Even though they had nightstands. Originally the nightstands weren't there until they redid the upstairs. And even afterwards, they tended to just throw the books there. So, I kind of knew who read what. So,
Patsy's side had things like, you know poems for women and not really what I would consider true trash-like Harlequin romances, but more like Mary Higgins Clark, woman novels. Some of them, I had even read. John's side of the bed was usually some kind of suspense-thriller. He tended to buy books by, what I call, by the numbers, I mean whatever's number 1 on the bestseller lists. Occasionally it would be something like the 7 habits of successful people, or financial things or even a (garbled) occasionally. But, generally it was some kind of suspense novel.

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  santa letter in trash?
Posted by: jameson245 - 10-12-2019, 09:17 PM - Forum: odds and ends - No Replies

Excerpts from National Enquirer book, "JonBenet, The Police Files" by Don Gentile and David Wright

1998 June 25, 26, 27 - Taped Interrogation interview of Patsy Ramsey by Tom Haney and Trip DeMuth in Colorado

NE Book Page 338:

John was then shown two photos showing a
[i]torn-up letter that was found in the trash can in JonBenet's room.[/i]

Lou Smit: "Have you ever seen a letter like that?"

John Ramsey: "It doesn't look familiar... it says,
"Somebody loves you all, Merry Christmas."

Lou Smit: "I can tell you that
these items were found in the trash can in your daughter's room and it was torn up."

John Ramsey: "Do you know what the word before "loves' is? 'Somebody loves you all.'

Lou Smit: "I am sure that has been looked at very closely. It appears to be a Santa Claus Letter."

John Ramsey: "(trying to read the torn-up letter)...
'Friend, enjoy your holidays, Christmas.' 'Well it doesn't look like anything I have seen before... and I don't know what it would be doing, you know, torn up in..."

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Posted by: jameson245 - 10-12-2019, 09:14 PM - Forum: odds and ends - No Replies

Excerpts from National Enquirer book, "JonBenet, The Police Files" by Don Gentile and David Wright

1998 June 25, 26, 27 - Taped Interrogation interview of Patsy Ramsey by Tom Haney and Trip DeMuth in Colorado

NE Book Page 243:

Tom Haney: "Okay. The next group of photos and these are not numbered - but they show a flashlight."

Patsy Ramsey: "Uh huh."

Tom Haney: "A black metal...type"

Patsy Ramsey: "Uh huh."

Tom Haney: "Flashlight. Do you recognize that?"

Patsy Ramsey: "It looks similar to one that John Andrew gave John for Christmas, birthday or something."

Tom Haney: "That's similar to the one that John Andrew gave John?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Yeah."

Tom Haney: "And I think last time when you were here on last April... you said, 'where that was stored?'"

Patsy Ramsey: "Uh huh."

Tom Haney: "And I want to clarify that a little bit. Do you remember where it was stored?"

Tom Haney: "The drawer that is open?"

Patsy Ramsey: "That's open there, yeah."

Tom Haney: "And that's the wet bar that's by the spiral staircase, right?

Patsy Ramsey: "Right"

Tom Haney: "Okay. Okay. and looking at photo 380, you don't see a flashlight in (the drawer), right?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Correct...where was this flashlight found?"

Tom Haney: "Well, do you remember when you came in on, in April, they showed you a picture of the flashlight? Do you recall that? You may not."

Patsy Ramsey: "No, not exactly"

Tom Haney: "Okay. This was on the kitchen counter... why would that be out?"

Patsy Ramsey: "I don't know."

Tom Haney: "Did you guys use this flashlight much?"

Patsy Ramsey: "I didn't, no"

Tom Haney: "Who did?"

Patsy Ramsey: "John used it"

Tom Haney: "What did he use it for?"

Patsy Ramsey: "I don't know, looking in the garage and the car or something like that."

Tom Haney: "Okay. Had you ever seen it on the kitchen counter before?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Not that I recall."

Tom Haney: "Would it have struck you as unusual, or would that not be outside the realm of possibilties, given the habit of the family?"

Patsy Ramsey: "It seems like it would have been unusual to have made it all the way into the kitchen, because usually if somebody was using the flashlight, they were - John was looking at something in the garage or under the car or somethig like that."

Tom Haney: "Okay"

Patsy Ramsey: "But he might, you know, I'm sure you must have asked him if he...?"

Tom Haney: "And maybe I missed it, do you know when you last saw it in the drawer?"

Patsy Ramsey: "No, I'm not for sure."

Tom Haney: "Okay, how about, do you recall of using that during say a power outage or to check on the kids at night, anything along those lines?

Patsy Ramsey: "No, I don't remember that"

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  and hence
Posted by: jameson245 - 10-12-2019, 09:08 PM - Forum: odds and ends - No Replies

2000 March 18
John and Patsy Ramsey book
"Death of Innocence"

DOI (HB) Page 234:

"John and I wrote message of appreciation to our friends to be printed on the back of the liturgy of the day. We thanked the people for their support through the past year and expressed how much their love had meant to us. We also commended on the meaning of the Christmas season and why it was important to remember the real season we celebrate this time of the year. In composing this expression of appreciation, John and I had each written a version. With both copies in hand, John dictated and I typed at the computer as we merged the two into one. Later Susan Stine and Roxy Walker made a few edits as they type it into the liturgical program.
This edited version included the phrase and, hence. Those two words turned out to be the next bombshell!"

"Actually, I have no idea why we used that phrase.
Maybe we'd seen it so many times in reading the ransom note - and having to write it over and over again for the police - that it became a part of our own subconscious vocabulary. Who know? Then again, maybe people everywhere use the phrase and, hence everyday of the week, because it's a normal part of the English language. The fact we used any set of words in our statement meant nothing more than an attempt to convey our personal feelings at the moment we were writing."

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