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  Patsy on cord and tape
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-15-2018, 07:39 PM - Forum: Duck Tape - No Replies

interview April. 1997

TT: Okay. Um, other than Linda and Mervin, anybody else know about that cellar room down there?
PR: Um. We had people come and let’s see, like plumbers and stuff, but I don’t know if they would go down there. I can’t think who might, who had reason to know about that.
TT: Okay. You say that the artificial Christmas trees were stored in that room?
PR: Yeah, um hum.
TT: Okay. How do they…
PR: Oh, well, you know, Christmas before last, the guys that put them down there put the trees into the closed, into the cellar room there would have been Bob uh, Bob Wallace.
TT: With the goatee?
PR: Yes. Right.
TT: Okay.
PR: Bob Wallace and one of his friends. I don’t remember what his name was.
TT: Does anyone….
PR: They put them down there.
TT: Okay…
PR: Put the trees down there so they would have (inaudible).
TT: So Bob Wallace and his friend knew about that room?
PR: About that room. Yeah.
TT: How were the Christmas trees stored down there. Did you guys cover them up? Were they covered in any fashion?
PR: Well, those big ones were just set up in there. They weren’t even covered.
TT: Okay.
PR: The little ones, the little tabletop trees were back in the, back in the other room and I would put a sheet over them.
TT: Okay.
PR: But those big ones I don’t think they had anything draped cause, you know, it didn’t have any windows or anything so it didn’t get really dusty in there.
TT: Okay. Now, were the Christmas decorations stored down there too?
PR: Well, they were kind of hanging out in the, the wreaths and things were kind of hanging. Bob Wallace put up nails and…
TT: Um hum.
PR: … hooks and things to hang the, hand wreaths and put plastic over them…
TT: Okay.
PR: …and then there was another that I called the Christmas room back, back the other way, beyond that shower…
TT: Um hum.
PR: …there a little shower down there. And that’s where I kept most of the Christmas stuff.
TT: Okay. And that (inaudible) old shower that’s got stuff in it. Nobody uses that shower…
PR: No.
TT: ….downstairs.
PR: As a matter of fact I put big Santa Claus I there and everything. In the shower.
TT: Santa Claus.
PR: Well, the like uh, figurine of Santa Claus.
TT: Okay. Um, that, that cellar door, that peg on that, does that have to be down to deep that door closed?
PR: Uh, well, no it will close. It, you know, it kind of sort of sticks on the carpet a little bit.
TT: Um hum.
PR: I mean, it will close, but that kind of I always kind of flipped that down just so the kids wouldn’t get in there.
TT: Okay. But it doesn’t the door won’t open up because of the carpet without that lock down. If you leave the lock in the up position the door doesn’t just swing (inaudible).
PR: No.
TT: Okay. Were you ever, you were not ever in the basement that morning before the police got there?
PR: No, I was not.
TT: Okay. Have you got anything Steve before we move on to JonBenet?
ST: Patsy, when were you last in that cellar basement room prior to Christmas?
PR: Prior to Christmas?
ST: Yes ma’am.
PR: Well, I was there, I was down there a lot on the 24th wrapping and I was there on the 25th wrapping.
ST: Okay.
PR: Um…
ST: Let me show you a couple of tings. Patsy, does this look like duct tape that you’ve ever owned or used or had in the home.
PR: Um, no
ST: Do you recall ever having any duct tape or multi-purpose tape like that in the home.
PR: No.
ST: Okay. How about cord such as this? Have you ever seen or used or owned or had such cord in the home?
PR: Um, not to my knowledge, no, I’ve never seen…
ST: Doesn’t look familiar at all?
PR: No.

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  dec 26th - locks and lights
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-15-2018, 07:19 PM - Forum: The House at 755 15th Street, Boulder, CO - No Replies

TT: Again, some housekeeping questions and, and I touched on some of these before, but I’m going to hit them just one more time. Um, Patsy, do you have any idea which windows in the house were locked or unlocked?
PR: No I don’t.
TT: Any idea about those?
PR: I, I just you know, I don’t recall checking and I couldn’t say for sure which…
TT: Okay. What about doors? Do you have any idea which doors were locked or unlocked in the house?
PR: Um, like that morning…
TT: Um hum.
PR: …you mean or… Well, typically, the only door we would leave unlocked at night is the door from the coat room there…
TT: Um hum.
PR: …into the garage.
TT: Okay.
PR: You put the garage door down and that locks, you know, you don’t typically lock that metal door there.
TT: Have, have you…
PR: But I don’t, like I said, I didn’t check them. I don’t know, but. You know…
TT: Do you recall any lights being on in the house when you went downstairs the first time to, to make the coffee? Do you remember any lights on in the house?
PR: Not specifically.
TT: Okay.
PR: I mean typically leave some lights on, but I don’t, I couldn’t tell you exactly.
TT: Okay. Any, any lights specifically that you normally light, leave on. The same light all the time?
PR: Well, we usually leave a light on in the TV room. That little den.
TT: At the back of the house.
PR: Right.
TT: Okay.
PR: And typically we leave on, you know the lamppost and maybe a lamp in the sunroom or something.
TT: Okay.
PR: But…
TT: So you kind of leave a few lights on in the house, but nothing major.
PR: Right.
TT: And you, do you recall that morning whether those lights were on? Do you remember seeing an illumination out of the corner of your eye or anything or when you see John on the floor…
PR: Well, by the time he…
TT: (Inaudible)
PR: …was on the, you know, when I’m telling you that I was on the phone with 911 and he was on the floor there reading those three pages, the hall light was on and I don’t you know, any one, either of us could have turned it on by then.
TT: Right. And that, that’s bright and obvious and…
PR: Yeah, very bright, yeah.

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  waiting for the call
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-15-2018, 06:59 PM - Forum: December 26th - Replies (1)

TT: Okay. And I know through the, through the morning, and uh, before John went downstairs, can you kind of give me an idea what, what went on in the house during that time? I know there were a lot of things going on, but, kind of what you can remember.
PR: Right, well uh, they uh, I just remember they were setting up back there that tape stuff or whatever so that we’re, and I think Linda had instructed John about what to say when they called and uh, uh, and she was talking to me and said uh, that they weren’t sure, I guess the note said something about like we’ll call at, I forget what time, 10:00 tomorrow or something and, and she wasn’t sure if that was going to be that day, you know . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .tomorrow meaning. . .
TT: The 26th.
PR: . . .the 26th that we were in or tomorrow the 27th and I just remember (inaudible) didn’t want her to be gone overnight and they had to find that day and uh, and I think the phone rang sometimes and every time it rang I would just pray that, that was, you know, that they were calling and, and I just, it got to be later and later and nobody called and I think somehow they got the money, you know, whatever. That $118,000 that they wanted or some, I don’t know how they figured out about that, but they had that ready I think.
TT: Did you have any part of that? An hand in . . .
PR: No.
TT: Okay.
PR: And uh . . .
TT: Do you know who did get the money? Who, who was suppose to do that?
PR: I don’t know. I mean, John Fernie and Fleet and John, I don’t know. They were in, I was in the in the sunroom and I think and they were all like back in the TV room talking about all that and I . . .
TT: Okay.
PR: . . .and then it just got so long, you know, it just, I mean it was like afternoon or something and SI remember walking back, cause everything seemed to be happ. . .the hub was kind of like back there in the TV room. . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .and uh, so I, I walked back there and uh, that was where the call, they were going to take the call and everything and . . .
TT: Okay.

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  note, 911
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-15-2018, 06:54 PM - Forum: December 26th - Replies (1)

Dividing up the interviews into subjects - some will be mixed - please look at different threads for full picture.

PR: And it’s some kind of (inaudible).
TT: It, it’s not one of these, oh, what do you call them, you, you, little antenna. You can walk around the house?
PR: No, no.
TT: (Inaudible) This has a cord on it.
PR: To the wall, yean.
TT: Okay. Okay. So you are in there making the 911 call. John’s out in the hallway reading the note, um . . .
PR: ell, I mean we were real, the phone’s right here and he was right there.
TT: Right.
PR: I mean it’s just . . .
TT: Right around the corner. Okay. When did you check on burke during all this? You talked about John going to check on Burke.
PR: Yeah. I think he ran and check on him when I was up, up there uh, you know, it just all happened so fast. I said, ‘Oh, my God. What about Burke?’ And I think he ran in and checked him while I was running back downstairs or something.
TT: Okay.
PR: But I remember he, you know, I think he ran and checked on him and, and he told me he was okay or whatever.
TT: Okay. Was Burke still in the same bed? He hadn’t moved beds or anything like that?
PR: I don’t know. I didn’t go in there and look..
TT: Okay. John talked about that with all the commotion and you guys yelling and stuff, did that wake up Burke at all?
PR: No, it didn’t.
TT: Okay.
PR: He didn’t get up for awhile.
TT: Cause we talked, John went up later on and, and woke up Burke . . .
PR: Right.
TT: . . .and . . .
PR: Yeah. Brought him down.
TT: Okay. Uh . . .
PR: Got him dressed and . . .
TT: Okay. So you’re on the phone call 911. John’s reading the note. What happened then?
PR: Uh, that woman on 911 or whoever I was talking to . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .it just seemed like she took forever, you know. I said, I mean, she just kept saying well what is it, you know, and I said our little girl has been kidnapped, you know, and I gave her the address and, I mean, she just, I mean, just, she, I just said sent somebody fast, you know. Uh, it just seemed like she was just, I’m sure she had things she had to go through . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .but oh. And John just was reading that note and, and then uh, and he went up and got dressed sometime before the policeman got there he had gotten dressed . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .and uh, the Whites and the Fernies came over. . .
TT: Okay. Do, who called the, who called the Whites and Fernies?
PR: I did. I did.

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  Patsy in interviews
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-15-2018, 06:51 PM - Forum: Ransom Note - Replies (4)

From April, 1997 interview with Tom Trujillo and Steve Thomas

TT: Okay. You come the spiral staircase. You talked about the note being on the, on the stair, um, do you have any idea which stair that note was on. How far up from the bottom or anything?
PR: I think it was like, the, about the third or somewhere around there.
TT: Okay.
PR: Cause I went down to the bottom and turned around and read it, you know, like kind of leaned over it looking at it.
TT: Okay. So, it, as it was laid out and you look, you’re standing on the bottom stair or the front . . .
PR: On the floor, yeah.
TT: . . .your looking at it, was it laid out from left to right like you would normally . . .
PR: Yeah.
TT: . . .read a book or something?
PR: Yeah, um hum.
TT: Okay. Um, at that point in time, do you have to step on the note or did you step over it when you came down?
PR: I probably stepped over it.
TT: Okay.
PR: Cause we sometimes lay papers and stuff there to go up and. . .
TT: Um hum. (Inaudible)
PR: . . .if you step on it you might slip. . .
TT: Hurt yourself.
PR: . . .you know. I don’t, don’t think I stepped on it.
TT: Okay. You pick up the note and start to read it, um, go back upstairs to JonBenet’s room? Is that correct?
PR: Well, I don’t remember if I picked it or, or just leaned over and read it. I can’t remember. I don’t think I picked it up cause I remember just then bounding up the stairs toward her room.
TT: Do you remember hitting any of those papers, maybe sliding or anything as you were running back up to your room.
PR: I don’t remember. I just ran as fast as I could.
TT: Okay. And again when you opened her door, no lights on that you can remember in that room?
PR: Um, her, I know her main lights was not on. Her bathroom light might have been on. I don’t remember.
TT: Okay. Now does she have any little plug in nightlights into the wall or anything like that that she sleeps with.
PR: Um, no.
TT: Okay. She just has a little . . .
PR: Well, the Christmas tree. She had a Christmas tree in there and that, that might have been on. I don’t remember if it was or not. I just don’t remember. I just remember pushing the door open, looking at the bed and she wasn’t in there.
TT: Okay. Were the sheets pulled down, the uh, the comforter and everything pulled down on the bed?
PR: They were kind of ruffled up, you know.
TT: Ruffled up as pulled up towards the top or ruffled . . .
PR: Toward the bottom.
TT: Down towards the bottom of the bed?
PR: Well, I mean, I just looked at it for a split second. I knew she wasn’t there and I screamed.
TT: Okay. You yelled for John. John comes down. Okay, what happened, where did John read the note at when he read it?
PR: Downstairs.
TT: Okay. Where, where was . . .
PR: Down, down in the, you know, on, not, not in the laundry room area, but down. I said there’s a note down there.
TT: Okay. Down towards the butler’s kitchen in that area?
PR: No, not all the way down there. On the wooden floor . . .
TT: Okay.
PR: . . .right there by the TV room.
TT: Okay um. . .
PR: He, I remember him, while I was calling 911, he was hunched over the note and had it laid out there on the floor cause thee was a light. It was still kind of darkish and there was a light, hallway light on . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .he was, you know, reading it there.
TT: Okay. Patsy, do you recall who moved the note from the bottom of the stairs down to where John could read it with the good lighting.
PR: I think he did. I, I (inaudible) . . .
TT: Okay.
PR: . . .don’t remember exactly, but, I mean it was just, I was just, I was just nuts I (inaudible)
TT: Okay. Where, where were you at when you called 911 cause I know there’s . .
PR: Kitchen.
TT: . . .quite a few phones in the house. (Inaudible) kitchen phone there?
PR: Um hum.
TT: Okay. Is that a cordless phone.
PR: No.
TT: Just a, it’s a regular wall phone right?
PR: Right.
TT: Okay.

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  Patsy in April 1997 interview
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-15-2018, 06:37 PM - Forum: Fleet and Priscilla White - No Replies

ST: Let me ask you one more question and then Tom if we can take a five minute break and let everyone use the restroom, um, Patsy, have you had any suspicions or concerns about any involvement in this on the part of Fleet White.
PR: Well, yes I, I have, um, and only because of some erratic behavior that, that they exhibited um shortly after uh, you know, we found JonBenet. Uh, I mean, there, there were a couple, two, three incidents and I know everyone was traumatized incredibly that morning, but they just acted differently than any of our other friends, you know, uh and it, it, you know, I mean, God, you know, I hate to, I, I hate to think, let myself think that, because those are, they’re friends of ours and uh, but they just acted strangely, you know.
ST: And certainly hard to gauge somebody after an event such as this as to whether the behavior is natural or unnatural.
PR: Right.
ST: Certainly I’m no psychiatrist, but was there ever any, what we call, pre-offense behavior. Was there anything that you ever thought was just wrong prior to Christmas in Fleet’s behavior uh, concerning the kids.
PR: No, I mean, he was a very loving father, I mean, um, we called him Mr. Mom, because he was not, you know, working. I mean he was, I guess, doing some, a little bit of stuff still in California, but basically he was available all the time and took the kids, you know, I felt perfectly comfortable with him having our children and we had their children, you know and everything and they vacationed with us and everything. It just, it just subsequent to that it just, um . . .
ST: And I’m very familiar with what happened at your mom’s on the . . .
PR: Yeah.
ST: . . .that was the 31st or the 1st of January . . .
PR: I don’t know.
ST: And those issues.
PR: Those days kind of run together. I don’t know what those days were.

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  2 little old ladies
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-15-2018, 06:25 PM - Forum: The House at 755 15th Street, Boulder, CO - No Replies

ST: As is so often the case in this case you hear so many things that you try to attribute back to a source that’s sometimes, but prior to the 25th was there any persons that came to your home unsolicited uh, that were invited in, not guests on the 23rd to the Christmas party, but in particular uh, wee there any women who asked to view or tour the home . . .
PR: Oh, yeah there, uh two older ladies, now I don’t know what day this was, but two older ladies stopped by. They were talking and uh, I, I think I was out, I don’t know why I was outside, but they stopped and I can’t remember why I invited them in. I think one, one of them said that she had been there on the home tour when the, when the Christmas home tour a couple of years before and I said something about I had the Christmas trees up or something and would you like to come in and they came in. Two, two ladies, old ladies.
ST: Uh, when you say older can you approximate an age for me?
PR: Sixty, seventy.
ST: Did they impress you as if they were neighborhood residents out walking?
PR: Yeah, I think they said they lived over on the other side of Baseline or one of them did or . . .
ST: And were they fairly innocuous and harmless in your estimation.
PR: Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah.
ST: Did you give them a tour of the home?
PR: Yeah, I think I did.
ST: Do you recall, do you recall that tour and, and uh, was that a five cent tour or a two hour shot?
PR: Oh, it wasn’t very long no. They weren’t there very long.
ST: Was that uh . . .
PR: I don’t even remember what day it was. It was, I mean, it was sometime around that time.
ST: Okay. Um, a few day before, a week before, sometime in December prior to Christmas?
PR: Yeah, I mean, I had the Christmas stuff up, you know.
ST: Do you feel that bears any further investigation?
PR: Those, you mean those, those two ladies?
ST: Yes ma’am.
PR: I, no I don’t think so. I mean they were just little old ladies. (Inaudible)

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Posted by: jameson245 - 09-15-2018, 06:04 PM - Forum: The House at 755 15th Street, Boulder, CO - No Replies

ST: . . .but was there any reason you couldn’t or John could not have retrieve the key from the Barnhills at that time to get in rather than breaking the window?
PR: He, he may not have know they had a key.ST: Do you remember on the night of the 25th, when you and John came home, what the lockup procedure, the security procedure for the house that night was?
PR: No, I don’t.
ST: Concerning keys to the house Patsy uh, and access to the house, outside of John Andrew being in Boulder, were there another keys outstanding other than John Andrew’s and the Barnhills?
PR: Uh, my dad had a key. Um . . .
ST: Had that been accounted for?
PR: Has that been accounted for?
ST: Does Don Paugh still have that key.
PR: I don’t know. Um. . .
ST: Had anybody asked Don Paugh if he still has that key.
PR: (Coughing, response unknown) Excuse me. Uh, my cleaning lady had a key, Linda. The Barnhills I believe actually gave two keys, because I had given her one and she couldn’t find it. I think I gave them another one? Uh, Barbara Fernie had one at one time, I’m not sure. I think I might have gotten that back from her. Pricilla had one I believe. Uh . . .
ST: Does Pricilla still have that key?
PR: I don’t know. I can’t remember. It seems like I gave it to her before we went to the lake, because she was going to have a lot of house guest and I thought if she wanted to, you know, use the house for any reason she could have the key.
ST: What is the status of the key or keys that you gave the Barnhills?
PR: The status right now?
ST: Yeah. Have you gotten those back?
PR: I haven’t, no, I don’t know where they are. I don’t know what the status is of those?
ST: Would it be inaccurate if the Barnhills were saying that they returned the key to you? Could that be possible?
PR: Um, it could be possible I guess. I don’t remember, and I think, I think I gave it to them and the intent was if I got, anybody got locked out of the house they would have a key. So I don’t, I mean, it wasn’t like, you know, keep this for two days and then give it back to me or something, you know.
ST: And as some point we’ll come, uh, uh, Tom has some questions for you about when John had to break in that basement window . . .
PR: Right.
ST: . . .but was there any reason you couldn’t or John could not have retrieve the key from the...

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  her bed
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-14-2018, 09:03 PM - Forum: JonBenét's bed - Replies (3)


There were no stains on the bed indicating JonBenét had wet the bed.  

Steve Thomas lied about that in his book.

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  the alarm system
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-14-2018, 08:59 PM - Forum: The House at 755 15th Street, Boulder, CO - No Replies

TT:  Okay. And let me back you up just a little bit. Do you guys ever use the alarm system I that house at all?
PR:  No, we didn’t use it in years.
TT:  Okay. Do you remember about when the last time you used the alarm system was?
PR:  Well, I remember when JonBenet was probably two or three, it was, the house was still under construction. She was probably two.
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  And I didn’t even know the alarm system was activated yet, because we had had so many people in and out of there. She drug that little, this little bench we had back by the garage door, drug it over and I think she was trying to hit the garage door opener, but she hit, you know, boom, boom, boom on that . . .
TT:  The keypad.
PR:  . . .keypad and I mean it just, it’s an interior alarm. It’s got the speakers or whatever they are inside the house and it is just deafening. And uh, John, we ran back to the keypad, cause I had never really heard it go off and she was standing there, you know, like, and uh, I mean, I didn’t even know how to shut the dumb thing off cause I didn’t even know it was activated and pretty soon I, I was trying to call Safe Systems or whoever it was that I thought had been working on it and uh, I mean, you just couldn’t stay in the house it was so awful, so loud. And uh, I remember grabbing John’s cellular phone, because I couldn’t dial it inside the house it was too . . .
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  . . .loud and pretty soon I heard these sirens and apparently she had hit the button that, you know, don’t ask questions, just sent help.
TT:  Um hum. So everybody came.
PR:  Everybody came and, and, you know, they were saying well, you know, if this is your house why don’t you turn it off? And I was like we don’t know the code, you know, so that was the last, so we didn’t use it because of that, cause, cause like every time that we ever used the alarm system it would go off erratically and . . .
TT:  Had problems with it? So it hasn’t, you hadn’t use it or it has it not been hooked up to an alarm company at all?
PR:  I believe it was hooked up to a, um, I don’t know if you call it an alarm company or whatever, but for fire . . .
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  . . .but somehow I think that the smoke detectors were incorporated into that. . .
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  . . .and I think we did have it monitored, you know, for that purpose. . .
TT:  Okay.
PR:  . . .for the fire protection.

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