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  Police can enter unlocked homes at will?
Posted by: jameson245 - 12-17-2020, 11:48 AM - Forum: Boulder crimes - No Replies

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
BOULDER, Colo. — A Boulder woman who had her residence breached by a police officer when she was out for a walk with her dog is speaking out against the policy that permitted the officer to do so.
According to the Boulder Daily Camera, Chrissy Smiley returned home to her Boulder condo on June 6 to find a note on her dining room table from a Boulder police officer, alerting her to the fact he had entered her residence while she was away.
She called the officer to find out why the search was necessary. And although she called the officer “very nice,” she was disturbed by what he had to say.
“He said he had come back to follow up on another officer who had been there for something and he felt he had probable cause to make sure that I was safe,” Smiley told the Camera. “It’s just creepy that someone would come in when I am not there.
“Maybe it is uncommon to leave your door open, but whatever, it doesn’t invite them in.”
Boulder police Sgt. Michael Everett disagreed, telling the Camera that entering unsecured residences is standard practice for law enforcement agencies and unlikely to stop in Boulder.
“There are many reasons for checking residences that are left open,” Everett told the newspaper. “They include in-progress crimes and injured parties inside. There are situations which create a duty for officers to enter and check residences. Failure to do so creates liability for that officer and agency.”
Smiley said that while eliminating an officer’s ability to enter her unlocked residence may put her in harms way, that’s a risk she’s willing to take. She also said she will be pursuing legal action if an officer enters her residence without her consent in the future.

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  Fleet White - 12/29/1996
Posted by: jameson245 - 12-12-2020, 01:48 PM - Forum: December 26th - Replies (2)

Quoting Fleet White in a statement dated 12/29/1996

First on the Ramsey family - (Not sure exactly what the question was but here is the exact response)

"There's absolutely nothing about the Ramsey family, there's absolutely nothing about the Ramsey family that I know of that would.... there, there's no, there's noting about Patsy, there's nothing about John, there's nothing about JonBenét or Burke that, I mean  (redacted section).  And there's absolutely nothing that you could say about the Ramseys that - - - they're just wonderful folks.  You know?  And they have a good time together, they have a great time with their kids, their kids get along.  No one ever raises their voice, there's never any disharmony in their kids, no disharmony between Patsy and John.  There's no, there's not even a glimmer of it.

And on Burke leaving the house:

"At some point, probably 45 minutes into this, I don't really know, half hour, 45 minutes into this, by this time Barbara Fernie was there.  It might have been Barbara Fernie and I, maybe Priscilla and I, maybe Pricilla, Barbara and I, I don't know, somebody, but it was one of that group, we just thought, "What do we do with Burke?  You know?  He's upstairs asleep.  We can't let him wake up and walk down on this."  And so, this is probably around 7 o'clock. I, you know, we decided he'd come to our house.  Our kids, by that time our kids would have been up.  And we had four adults here, house guests, at the time, so, you know, that's why... out kids are there, that's why we could go down to the Ramseys.  So we thought that would be a perfect deal, you know, it's close.  We'll just get Burke in the car.  And then shortly after that we decide that we needed to go down and get the Fernies' kids because they were home alone.  That was Eliza and Luke.  So, I said I'll, we'll go up and get Burke and get going.  

I asked John to go wake up Burke  since I thought it would be better than John, you know, his dad wake him up than me go up, you know, waking him up.  So we both went up the stairs.  John went in.  I think he turned on the light.  Opened the door, flicked on the light, woke Burke up, and then Burke started, you know, to get up. 

I went back downstairs and for some... I don't know why I went back downstairs.  Maybe there was nothing I could do up there until Burke got dressed or something, so I just went back downstairs.  I probably went down and held Patsy or something, I don't know.  

So then, a few minutes later, I went back up and in the meantime, John had come back down.  John came back down almost immediately, as I recall.  He came back down.  Whether it was a...  you know, in any event, he came back down.  So I went back upstairs and helped Burke get dressed, got him ready to go.  I don't remember what that meant, I think I, you know, helped him put his shoes on, I don't know, and kind of got him going.  

And Burke.... and then Burke went over and picked up a new Nintendo game that he just got for Christmas and another toy, kind of a car on a track or something.  I'm not sure exactly what it was, with very small little cars, which I'm pretty sure he'd also just gotten for Christmas.  he kind of gathered, gathered those up and he walked, starting walking out and then I pulled his blanket up and his bedspread and threw the pillow on the bed.  Kind of made his bed.  

And then we walked downstairs and what'd I do?  We walked down the front stairs into the entry and I, and we just walked out the front door to my truck, which was parked in front of the house.  And I thought what I would do is get Burke up here first, drop him off.  get him squared away, and then go up to, rather than drive him all the way up to the Fernies' and back, I'd just drop him off and then go get the Fernie children.  So I did that. 

I brought him up and he got out of the car, walked up the stairs where, up to where I think my son was still asleep... or, I don't think that.  He was probably just kind of getting up, or he was awake.   he saw Burke was there, which was great.  So they went in and laid on our bed and plugged in a Nintendo game into our TV at the foot of our bed and started playing Nintendo."

Detective Linda Arndt asked, "What was Burke told about why he was coming over to your house?"

Back to quote from Fleet White:  "He didn't, he wasn't old anything.  Not a thing.  I don't remember telling him anything.  The only person who would have told him anything was me, and I, as far as I know, and I, I did leave the bedroom.  It's possible that John told him something, but if he did, I have no knowledge of what it was.  Other than John Ramsey, the only person who could have told him anything about the situation would have been me."

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  Pat Brown
Posted by: jameson245 - 12-06-2020, 01:32 PM - Forum: Names to remember - No Replies

MONDAY, JULY 14, 2008
A Touch of DNA

[Image: jonbenet.jpg]by Pat Brown

A "bombshell" piece of DNA evidence has emerged in the long unsolved murder of JonBenét Ramsey and cleared John and Patsy of any involvement in the death of their daughter, according to District Attorney Mary Lacy, who has written a long letter of apology to the family.

Touch DNA, a new technology developed by Bode Laboratories near Washington DC, has discovered nonfamilial DNA on the sides of JonBenét's long johns. "Touch" DNA is a process which allows analysts to scrape targeted areas of clothing for DNA that might have been left by the perpetrator of a crime.

In JonBenét's case, it was surmised her killer might have pulled down her long johns to commit a sexual assault upon her, thereby leaving microscopic skin cells that the new Touch DNA technology could identify.

A knife was scraped along the waistband and sides of the long johns and previously undiscovered genetic material was found. Tests proved the DNA to be from a male unrelated to the Ramseys. This new DNA supposedly matches some other unidentified DNA found on JonBenét's panties years ago.

Quite convincing stuff until I realized what was missing from this picture: Patsy Ramsey's Touch DNA, and JonBenét's Touch DNA. When I further considered how easily this Touch DNA might have transfered off of any other person to the hands of Patsy or JonBenét—and then onto the little girl's long johns and panties—my confidence in this new evidence waned.

JonBenét had had an exciting and busy day, this last day of her life. She had gone to a party with her parents and enjoyed the company of a number of other adults and children. She then fell asleep on the way home. John carried her into the house and to her room. He laid her down on the bed and took off her coat and shoes. Then Patsy removed her pants and replaced them with the long johns.

Reviewing who might have touched what—and when and where they might h[Image: 1221jon1.gif]ave done so—we can see John would have had the least opportunity to touch JonBenét's underwear (if he were not involved in the crime) as while he was carrying her, the underwear was still covered by her outer clothing. Patsy, on the other hand, certainly must have handled her undergarments. Where then is her Touch DNA on the long johns that she forced onto the sleeping child? This is not an easy task and I would bet she had to get a good grip on the waist band to pull them on properly. Surely, she touched the sides of the long johns as well.

And what of JonBenét? Isn't it likely that her own Touch DNA is on her panties (as she would have pulled them up and down to go to the bathroom)? Wouldn't her Touch DNA also be on the long johns since even sleeping children's hands may come in contact with their clothes as they toss and move about?

Furthermore, skin cells pass easily from one human to another, so that Touch DNA on JonBenét's clothing may have come from someone she touched before she touched herself. Touch DNA, therefore, is better as a test of inclusion rather than exclusion. If some 40-year-old sex offender ends up matching the DNA on JonBenét's underwear, well then, he would have a lot of explaining to do. However, if the match is an eighteen year old—someone who was but six years old at the time of JonBenét's murder—then John and Patsy are hardly off the hook.

We have also, at this point, only the DA's word that the tests were done properly and that they yielded those particular results. The DNA evidence has not been made public nor has it been examined in a court of law for its validity.

Lastly, let's say we accept that the DNA evidence came from a third party. It would seem likely that there should be more of that DNA at the scene. Where is it? If the perpetrator was careless enough to not wear gloves while sexually assaulting JonBenét, should we not find many more of those skin cells on her shirt, on the blanket, on the ransom note, etc.?

While no one is guilty until proven guilty in a court of law, the presence of DNA from an unknown source doesn't necessarily prove a one-time suspect innocent either. Of all people, the DA should know this and that letter of apology should have been kept in reserve until enough evidence surfaces to effect the arrest and prosecution of the actual killer of JonBenét Ramsey.

JULY 14, 2008 AT 9:01 AM
[Image: *]
Pat Brown said...

One other unknown piece is an email I have from John Ramsey in response to one I sent him. I noted the language and scenario in the ransom note was similar to that of "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories and the lettering of the ransom note was exactly the same font and size (as if one laid the note on top of the words in the book and traced them so as to disguise writing). As the Ramsey's son was just the right age to be a reader of these books, I told John my theory and mentioned the killer might have been in the son's room and borrowed one of these books to fashion his note.

John responded by commenting on the police incompetancy but said nothing about my theory. I found this odd as usually a family will jump on any new possible concept, even if it is absurd, and want more information on it or ask me to talk to the police. He did neither but said he would keep my email.

One other thing that always bothered me about the ransom note was the opening, "Listen carefully!" No one uses that when writing a note someone will be reading. This is only used when dictating while looking at another.

And so the evidence stacks up....
JULY 14, 2008 AT 10:26 AM

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  Carol McKinley talking to Peter Boyles
Posted by: jameson245 - 12-01-2020, 11:53 AM - Forum: Cord ligature - Garrote - No Replies

August 4th, 1999

"I started listening to some of the detectives, and the scientists, and people from different departments... people who had rifts before, and they all seem to be telling me that they believe JonBenet clawed at her neck as she was dying.  There are some marks on the autopsy report that are called "non-patterned marks", in other words, there's the furrow from the ligatures, then there are bruises and abrasions which are non-patterned, which means they are not in the pattern of the line that the furrow made, and they're in the left, right and center of her neck.  And it's consistent with her own clawing, that she clawed herself as she was dying, or trying to get a breath.  And that was opposite of what I had thought, which was that she was hit on the head so hard that she was just knocked out and never came to again.  To me, the big part of that is, that even after this long, it kinda gave me a stomach turn thinking about how she died...  you know it's different if she died with unconsciousness and never really felt anything after that, but if we know she was gasping for breath and trying to get a finger underneath that cord, as she was dying, it just makes us look at it a little differently.

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Posted by: jameson245 - 11-21-2020, 01:17 PM - Forum: December 26th - No Replies

Statements or information is not in any order here - - sources cited where possible

PMPT - hard cover page 15 - "White knelt beside Ramsey and touched on of JonBenét's feet.  The child was dead cold."

Thought - could this be that strange shape found near the two footprints?

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  ST on GJ (deposition)
Posted by: jameson245 - 11-21-2020, 12:37 PM - Forum: Grand Jury Indictments - No Replies

Quote:Steve Thomas Deposition (Atlanta, Georgia)
Wolf vs Ramsey Civil Action File No. 00-CIV-1187(JEC)

(Grand Jury Discussion)

17 Q. Did you ever receive any
18 information about grand jury testimony or
19 evidence in the case?
20 A. Never.


7 Q. Do you have any other documents
8 about this investigation, other than those
9 documents? Do you?
10 A. Oh, I'm sorry. If I understand
11 the question correctly, no, as I said, not
12 that I recall because post-August '98 began
13 the grand jury. And certainly I don't have
14 any information from the grand jury room.


4 Q. (BY MR. WOOD) You said very
5 clearly to Mr. Hoffman you do not know the
6 state of the evidence with respect to the
7 JonBenet Ramsey investigation, as you sit here
8 today, the state of the evidence as of
9 September 2001, true?
10 A. After leaving the police
11 department, yes, that concluded my official
12 participation. I have followed the case
13 through the media, but as far as being privy
14 to anything that occurred in the grand jury
15 or continued evidence testing, I'm unaware of
16 that.
17 Q. You knew the state of the evidence
18 as it existed in the case as of March 2001,
19 true?
20 A. That was during the period which
21 -- no, the grand jury had concluded -- no, I
22 -- no, I wasn't inside the police department
23 reviewing evidence at that time either.

24 Q. But what you did know and you had
25 actual knowledge of was that a grand jury had


1 met for some 13 months and had not issued an
2 indictment against John and Patsy Ramsey,
3 right?
4 A. I don't know that. Do you know
5 that?
6 Q. Sir, was an indictment issued? Do
7 you have information there was an indictment
8 of my clients that nobody has bothered
9 telling them or me about?
10 MR. HOFFMAN: Actually, Lin,
11 Patrick Burke has information that he should
12 have told you about which he announced to the
13 media that according to him the grand jury
14 actually took a straw poll. Why don't you
15 ask Patrick Burke.
16 MR. WOOD: Let me tell you,
17 Darnay, that won't count against my time.
18 MR. HOFFMAN: Okay.
19 MR. WOOD: But you're right, it
20 was a straw poll; it was a vote not to
21 indict. Thank you for bringing something to
22 my attention that I already knew.
23 MR. HOFFMAN: Okay.

24 Q. (BY MR. WOOD) Would you answer
25 my question, sir? It's pretty simple. You

1 know that no indictment was issued by the
2 grand jury, true?
3 A. I don't know what the grand jury
4 did.
5 Q. I'm not asking you what they did
6 in terms of whether they voted or not, sir.
7 MR. DIAMOND: I think he's asking
8 you --
9 Q. (BY MR. WOOD) I'm asking you
10 whether they issued an indictment to indict
11 John and/or Patsy Ramsey?
12 MR. DIAMOND: -- are you aware of
13 any public report of such an indictment.
14 A. No.
15 Q. (BY MR. WOOD) You also know that
16 after the grand jury was dismissed that Alex
17 Hunter stated publicly that all seven of the
18 prosecutors in the case unanimously agreed
19 that this was not a case where they felt
20 that evidence was sufficient to justify at
21 that time a prosecution. You know that, too,
22 don't you, sir?
23 A. That Hunter --
24 Q. Made that statement publicly?
25 A. Made the statement that his

1 advisors supported that decision?
2 Q. Seven prosecutors, not his
3 advisors, seven prosecutors, you know that,
4 don't you, sir?
5 A. I know that statement was made.


Steve Thomas Deposition - 09-21-2001
Chris Wolf vs Ramsey Civil Case

(Grand Jury Discussion)


24 Q. Do you know of any prosecutor who
25 is familiar with the evidence that has

1 concluded that the evidence shows beyond a
2 reasonable doubt that Patsy Ramsey is guilty
3 of the homicide of her daughter?
4 A. No, because the prosecutors privy
5 to that evidence are bound by grand jury
6 secrecy and none have violated that with me.


13 Q. Why did you not, when you had old
14 Barry Scheck, a nice guy, Henry Lee, all
15 these VIPs there, why did you not include the
16 intruder evidence in the presentation to
17 objectively give those individuals both sides
18 of the case?
19 A. Because the Boulder Police
20 Department's position was, as I understood it
21 and understand it, the VIP presentation was
22 to show that there was sufficient probable
23 cause to arrest Patsy Ramsey and for the DA's
24 office to move it forward through the use of
25 a grand jury with that end in mind.

1 Q. Of an indictment which is a
2 finding by a grand jury of probable cause to
3 charge or arrest, right?
4 A. Yes.
5 Q. You've been in the business long
6 enough to know that the grand jury can, as
7 they say, indict a ham sandwich, right? It
8 doesn't take much evidence to indict or
9 arrest, does it, sir?
10 A. My understanding of probable cause
11 is facts and evidence and circumstances that
12 are within the knowledge of a police officer
13 that would lead a reasonable person to
14 conclude that, A, a crime was committed and
15 B, that a particular individual was involved.
16 Sometimes, depending on the case,
17 that can sometimes be a great threshold.


24 Q. You state in your book there were
25 27 reasons for a grand jury and it's at page

1 309. But my question is, were those 27
2 reasons for a grand jury correlate to the 27
3 remaining tasks that were referred to in that
4 June '98 press release by the Boulder Police
5 Department?
6 A. Let me look at 309 real quickly.
7 308, 309?
8 Q. It's on 309 and I've got a copy
9 of that press release where he says there
10 were 27 tasks remaining. I'm just wondering
11 if that's the correlation.
12 A. Oh, if I understand you correctly,
13 did these 27 reasons correspond with the 27
14 tasks left on the to-do list?
15 Q. Yes.
16 A. No.


6 Q. What I want to know is if you can
7 date that for me? "'The case is not being
8 handled well,' said the CASKU agents."
9 A. Shortly before I believe the
10 Ramseys' April 30, 1997 interview.
11 Q. Can you identify the three agents
12 for me?
13 A. Supervisory special agent Bill
14 Hagmaier, special agent Mike Morrow, and their
15 partner and the third special agent, his name
16 just escapes me at the moment.
17 Q. And those three agents prior to
18 April 30, 1997 said that the intruder theory
19 was absurd, Hofstrom needs to act like a
20 prosecutor not a public defender. Don't do
21 tomorrow's interview and get a grand jury as
22 soon as possible, right?
23 A. Yes.

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  Acandyrose on GJ - timeline
Posted by: jameson245 - 11-21-2020, 11:34 AM - Forum: Grand Jury Indictments - Replies (10)

Ramsey Grand Jury
September 15, 1998 to October 13, 1999


Quote:1997-12-07: Daily Camera: Current jury members

Current jury members
Sunday, December 7, 1997

Under Colorado law, Boulder County must maintain a permanent grand jury, because its population is more than 100,000.

Although there is talk that the JonBenet Ramsey murder case may go to a grand jury, the current members may well not hear the case: State law dictates that permanent grand juries must be replaced every 18 months.

The current members of Boulder County's Grand Jury, seated until May, are:

Foreperson Melissa Gregory, Lafayette
Assistant foreperson Steven Wells, Longmont
Victoria Dietz, Longmont
Patrick Graninger, Louisville
Thomas Herman, Longmont
Manfredt Kledt, Boulder
Viola Kniceley, Louisville
Cedric Peebles, Louisville
Robert Phelan Jr., Boulder
Tincy Royer, Broomfield
Dorothy Showers, Longmont
Lorraine Simon, Boulder

Alternates are:

R. Brent Cherry, Boulder
Janice Jankovsky, Broomfield
Mark Laitos, Longmont
Linda Little, Boulder

The NEW Ramsey Grand Jury Members Below
[Image: RamseyGJ-JamesPlese.jpg]
James Plese

[Image: RamseyGJ-LorettaResnikoff.jpg]
Loretta Resnikoff
Assistant Forewoman

[Image: RamseyGJElizabethAnnecharico.jpg]
Elizabeth Annecharico
[Image: RamseyGJMichelleCzopek.jpg]
Michelle Czopek
[Image: RamseyGJFrancesDiekman.jpg]
Frances Diekman
[Image: RamseyGJJosephineHampton.jpg]
Josephine Hampton
[Image: RamseyGJMartinKordasJr.jpg]
Martin Kordas Jr
[Image: RamseyGJSusanLeFever.jpg]
Susan LeFever
[Image: RamseyGJBarbaraMcGrath-Arnold.jpg]
Barbara McGrathArnold
[Image: RamseyGJMartinPierce.jpg]
Martin Pierce
[Image: RamseyGJTraceyVallad.jpg]
Tracey Vallad
[Image: RamseyGJJonathanWebb.jpg]
Jonathan Webb

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  on NOT cooperating
Posted by: jameson245 - 11-20-2020, 04:17 PM - Forum: Ramsey cooperation - No Replies

John Ramsey - "Our only requirement from the very beginning was that our police interviews be attended by one member of the District Attorney's office.  We were not going to allow ourselves to be interrogated by a bunch of inexperienced cops hell bent on putting us in the gas chamber.  The police refused this simple requests for months and publicly stated every chance they got that we were not cooperating and therefore must be guilty.  My biggest sorrow continues to be that while this circus side show goes on, no one, except for Lou Smit and a few journalists, are trying to find the killer."

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  neighbors asked about...
Posted by: jameson245 - 11-15-2020, 04:28 PM - Forum: Hi-Tec footwear - No Replies

DOI Page 232

"On December 6, 1997, an article in the New York Times brought an issue to light on the national scene that should have started to unravel the police mask of competence. A University of Colorado history professor, Patricia Limerick, who lived directly across the street from our house at 755 Fifteenth Street, was interviewed. In this particular story Patricia said, "My husband and I have never interviewed by the police. For weeks I assumed it was a measure of how well the police doing. Now, I am not so sure. " Eleven months have passed since the murder, and the neighborhood around our former house had never been completely canvassed. Where were the police? Patricia Limerick was asking the right questions.

A few days later, another telling story hit the newspapers, reporting that the police had been asking our friends if they owned shoes or boots with the brand SAS or Hi-Tec. We did not own either brand, and the police were trying to explain away the footprint they had found in the cellar near JonBenet's body. Obviously, the SAS or Hi-Tech footprint could be an important piece of evidence.

The police also began the task of collecting palm prints and mouth swabs to follow up on the prints and genetic material found in the basement and on JonBenet's body. Our friends and their children were approached by the cops and asked to give samples. It had certainly taken the BPD a long time to get around to gathering this important evidence, Patsy and I thought. Yet we felt sorry for our friends. Many of them had to submit to this kind of examination, which obviously was an annoyance. (We wondered if the police were doing the same sampling on the suspects we had given them.) The police, we were later to learn, were mostly trying to explain away the evidence they had found that contradicted their theory that "the Ramseys did it"," in order to eliminate any defense strategy."

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  news story
Posted by: jameson245 - 11-15-2020, 04:19 PM - Forum: December 28th - No Replies

1996-12-28: Family's friends remember: 'She was like a little doll'

Family's friends remember: 'She was like a little doll'
Camera Staff Writer
December 28, 1996

Monday night, JonBenet Ramsey gave Santa a bottle of stardust at her family's annual Christmas party.

"She gave it to me for my beard, and that just shows that she was thinking about giving and not just getting," said Bill McReynolds, who played Santa at the Ramsey family's Christmas celebration the past three years. "It was a particularly buoyant party, and about 50 people were there. They had lots of decorations, and that was their style. They just loved Christmas."

Less than 24 hours after the holiday ended, the 6-year-old aspiring beauty queen was dead, found strangled in the family's basement.

"She had an angel's spirit, which is unusual not only among adults, but children, and I'm just devastated that she's gone," McReynolds said.

Other family friends and co-workers had similar reactions to JonBenet's death. On Friday, they recalled her as a mature, generous, sweet young girl who loved singing and dancing. JonBenet - the daughter of a former Miss West Virginia and the president of Access Graphics, a Boulder-based computer distribution company - won the 1995 Little Miss Colorado pageant and America's Tiny Little Miss in 1996, family friends said.

"This child was like a little doll," said Dee Dee Nelson-Schneider, a family friend who worked with Patsy Ramsey, JonBenet's mother, as a volunteer at Flatirons Elementary School. "She just had stage presence, and Patsy coaching her a lot, and they interacted beautifully. Patsy had all these pet names for her, like Sugar. It was just a special relationship."

But the family has encountered tragedy before, friends said. Patsy battled ovarian cancer, Nelson-Schneider noted. "There was one time when she walked into school and had on a wig because she lost all of her hair to chemotherapy," she said. "I came back about two hours later and she had taken her wig off, and she was practically bald, and she was still working. She had cancer, and yet she was still at the school working. That's just how dedicated she was."

In another incident about five years ago, John Ramsey's daughter from his first marriage died in a car accident. Ramsey also has another college-age daughter and a son from that marriage, friends said.

"Certainly, I think people are shocked whether they knew John or not," said Laurie Wagner, vice president for worldwide development at Access Graphics. The company, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin in Bethesda, Md., recently celebrated its first $1 billion in revenues.

"People are very concerned for the family but continue to do what they need to do with their job," Wagner said. JonBenet occasionally would arrive at the office and take her father out to lunch with her family, Wagner said.

"She was a charming little girl," Wagner said. "I think when something like this happens, it always makes people contemplate about their own situation; that's a natural reaction. But there doesn't seem to be any need for alarm."

Friends, however, said the incident frightened them.

"It's really scary, because you don't think something like this can happen here," said a family friend who declined to give his name. "They just came by Christmas night ... to drop off a present, and they seemed fine. Patsy was just bubbly, full of life, and she was excited about going to Michigan the next day."

Another close family friend didn't notice anything unusual with the family Monday night.

"I was at the party, and everybody was just so happy," he said. "JonBenet was taking Santa around, and she was with her brother (10-year-old Burke) for a while. The two of them just got along wonderfully."

Indeed, JonBenet doted on her older brother, McReynolds said.

"Last year, she wanted to make sure I spent enough time with him," McReynolds said. "And she always wanted to make sure everyone was having a good time, which is why I was so surprised that she was so young ... I'll really miss her angel spirit."

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