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  history of false claims
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-29-2018, 11:32 PM - Forum: Nancy Krebs - No Replies

Calif. woman's credibility questioned in JonBenet Ramsey case

Feb. 27, 2000 | 1:10 p.m.

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) -- A woman who claims to see similarities between her own sexual abuse as a child and the case of JonBenet Ramsey has a history of making false reports, California officials said in Sunday's Daily Camera.

The Boulder newspaper reported last week that the California woman suggested the 6-year-old beauty queen was killed accidentally when an asphyxiation technique was used by an adult to stimulate orgasmic response.

Sheriff's investigators in California spent hundreds of hours looking into the woman's claim in 1991 that she had been raped. They were unable to confirm her claim, the paper said.

``She has filed a number of reports with us and most of them have been determined to be unfounded,'' said San Louis Obispo County sheriff's Sgt. C.J. Bell.

The 37-year-old woman has drawn parallels between her experiences and the physical evidence of garroting found on JonBenet's body, the newspaper stated.

Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter initially described the information as new evidence that needed to be thoroughly investigated. No one answered the telephone at his office Sunday.

JonBenet was found beaten and strangled in the basement of her family's home on Dec. 26, 1996. The coroner also found signs of injuries in her genital area.

A grand jury investigated the case for 13 months, but no charges were filed. Police have said JonBenet's parents remain suspects. The Ramseys, who have moved to the Atlanta area, deny any involvement in her death.

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  Governor Owens
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-29-2018, 11:25 PM - Forum: Names to remember - Replies (1)

Strong Words For The Ramseys

[*]Gov. Bill Owens Urges Ramseys To Cooperate
[*]Says Special Prosecutor Will Not Be Appointed
[*]Headed In Right Direction With New Evidence



(CBS) Colorado Gov. Bill Owens urged the parents of JonBenet Ramsey to "quit hiding behind their attorneys" and help find their daughter's killers.

Owens' comments came Wednesday as he announced his decision not to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the 1996 death of the six-year-old beauty pageant winner.

He said after initial mistakes, police and prosecutors are working with new evidence and headed in the right direction.

"During my own review of the Ramsey case," Owens said, "I've learned that substantial new evidence -- including evidence that did not originate in the grand jury proceedings -- is presently being analyzed and will continue to be analyzed by the prosecution team."

The governor, though, had strong words for the girl's parents.

"If I could speak to John and Patsy Ramsey," Owens said, "I would tell them to quit hiding behind their attorneys, quit hiding behind their PR firm. Come back to Colorado and work with investigators in this case, no matter where that trail will lead."

Early on Dec. 26, 1996, Mrs. Ramsey told police she found a ransom note demanding $118,000 for her daughter's safe return. Eight hours later, JonBenet's father said he found his daughter's body in the basement.

Critics contend the investigation was compromised when detectives allowed the Ramseys and friends to roam through their mansion in Boulder.

Owens said the guilty parties have been smart, stonewalling police and covering their tracks.

The Ramseys, who moved to the Atlanta area after the killing, have insisted they are innocent. In a statement issued late Wednesday, the Ramseys' attorneys called Owens' remarks "slanderous."

"Coming from a public official elected to the highest office of this state, his comments are unconscionable," the statement said.

"To the killers, let me say this: You only think you have gotten away with murder. There is strong evidence to suggest who you are," Owens said. "I think investigators are moving closer to proving their case. They will keep pursuing you. You will reap what you have sown."

Owens declined to comment when asked if he was referring to the Ramseys when he cited more than one killer. He wouldn't say if he believed the Ramseys were involved in their daughter's death.

Two weeks ago, a Boulder County grand jury completed a 13-month investigation of the death without issuing any indictments. District Attorney Alex Hunter said there was not enough evidence to charge anyone, though he and police said the Ramseys remain under suspicion.

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  old thread on other crimes
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-29-2018, 07:44 PM - Forum: OTHER children taken from their beds - No Replies

"Similar Crimes?"
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Original Message
"Similar Crimes?"
Posted by theneedle on Oct-17-99 at 02:02 PM (EST)

Quote:After reading recent newspaper articles on famous unsolved crimes(everyone's local paper seemed to have their own version ,next to their feature "Ramseys Off Hook" type article....God,they are so uncreative), I thought perhaps we could post articles about cases which actually DO resemble the JonBenet murder.I know there is "Boulder area crimes" in our true crime area , but this seems to be a busier area, and I thought perhaps we could discuss more specifically similar crimes.
Check out the Monica DaSilva case.Reno, Nevada,1990.6 yrs old.Abducted from bedroom.Only clue left was pried doorjamb.Parents under suspicion, finally cleared and won lawsuit against media for calling them killers.Child's skeleton found a few months later in desert.Nothing definitive obtained from the site or remains.This case happened only a year after a brother and sister, Chia by name,6&8, vanished after getting off a school bus in Lake Tahoe area.Their skeletons were also found months later.
These are similar cases to Ramsey not only because of the victims ages, but the fact they both happened out West in Rocky Mountain towns.It is not inconceivable that Sick Puppy relocated to Boulder 6 yrs later and became bolder.


 Table of Contents
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Messages in this discussion
1 . "another"
Posted by Brimm on Oct-17-99 at 02:47 PM (EST)

Here is another one. This one in Georgia 1991.



2 . "40 unsolved abductions"
Posted by Bluefire on Oct-17-99 at 03:42 PM (EST)
Quote:I have a database with about 40 unsolved non-family abductions of JonBenét aged children listed over the past ten years. I have no idea at all of how many unsolved child homicides there are, nor for that matter how many solved child homicides.
It is very difficult to find any information about these cases beyond the posters on missing children sites. Strangely, a number of abductions clustered around the Rocky Mountain states over a short period of time in the eighties and then, apparently stopped. The girls were mostly 8-12 yrs. old.
The perps, for the cases I've seen solved for JonBenét's age group are mostly acquaintances, neighbors, strangers and step parents.
NCNMEC has a new study of child homicides available free from their site.


3 . "thanks"
Posted by theneedle on Oct-17-99 at 04:34 PM (EST)
Quote:Blue and Brimm.I thought maybe we can stick to cases where a body was actually found.That way we can find out what forensic evidence exists, and if it can be checked against Ramsey.I certainly hope that unsolved child homicide DNA evidence is being saved in a data base somewhere.I do feel as if thats our only hope sometimes.


4 . "needle"
Posted by river on Oct-18-99 at 09:22 AM (EST)
Quote:You're right. There are plenty of other similar crimes. Happens all the time. Why did this case get so much publicity? Rich family, little girl in beauty pageants. Parents appeared on TV. (Big mistake.) Reminded people to much of Susan Smith, and they made an immediate connection. click-click I wonder if the police would have solved the case if the media had kept their nose out of it.


5 . "Jeanna North - Her Killer Escapes"
Posted by Bluefire on Oct-19-99 at 08:02 AM (EST)
Quote:[Image: 0058-usa.jpg]

Jeanna North
Kyle Bell was a neighbor of the Norths when Jeanna disappeared while in-line skating near her home on the night of June 28, 1993. On September 15, 1998. a scumbag named Kyle Bell was charged with murdering her, and convicted of her death. This piece of garbage confessed that he had raped Jeanna and murdered her when she told him that she would tell her parents. He dumped her body in the Sheyenne River near Fargo, North Dakota.
Last week Kyle Bell escaped from a prisoner transport and is apparently free in Texas or Mexico. He has previously lived in Denver. He may have been in jail Christmas, 1996, it is unclear because at one point of time he jumped bail on the molestation charges and ended up in Denver.
Northscape has a number of stories concerning the escape iof this child killer:
Here is part of the story of this monster from northscape:
Sheriff Mark Milbrandt had dealings with Bell too, "starting in 1983," when Bell was 15 or 16.
"He was convicted of a sex crime here, with a young girl, I believe, and served time in the South Dakota Penitentiary," said Milbrandt, sheriff of Brown County, seated in Aberdeen.
Bell was involved in many offenses, from minor traffic ones, to burglary, assault and the sex crime, Milbrandt said.
His pedophilia, or sexual attraction to young girls, apparently stems back to his youth, too.
Bell grew up in the Bath, S.D., area, north of Aberdeen, near Frederick. His father was physically disabled, confined to a wheelchair. Bell lived mostly with his grandparents in the Bath area.
Connie Groop remembers Bell from his days at high school in Frederick, S.D., just north of Frederick; S.D. Bell, while a junior or senior in the high school, molested a girl in first or second grade on a school bus, said Groop, associate news editor at the Aberdeen American News. "It was a girl in my daughter's class," Groop said Saturday. "That's why I remember it."
The incident, which happened in the mid-1980s, was not brought to law enforcement's attention, but everyone in the community was made aware of it, Groop said.
Bell often was picked on by other youths, too, as well as making trouble himself, Groop said. Bell's parents "had trouble of some kind," Groop said, "and they didn't have and didn't do a lot of things a lot of families do together."
People who knew Bell said he had a charming side, but also a volatile temper that erupted in violence.
By the early 1990s, Bell had fathered children by three different women and owed child support to them, said Harvey Oliver, state's attorney for Brown County, seated in Aberdeen, S.D. When Bell inherited $15,000 from relatives, the state of South Dakota took the money to give to the children, Oliver said. That transaction happened while Bell was in jail in North Dakota in 1993, facing trial for sex crimes.
Bell was convicted in 1994 for molesting two girls, ages 8 and 3, in incidents in which he coaxed them to pose unclothed for suggestive photographs. He was sentenced to 30 years for that and during that trial confessed to killing Jeanna North in Fargo, police say. Milbrandt wasn't suprised when Bell first was suspected in North's death.
Nothing about Bell's escape last week surprises Milbrandt, either. "He was an uncontrollable prisoner. He fought everytime, not physically, but mentally. He wouldn't adhere to anything," Milbrandt said. "You have these special inmates you need to watch, and he was one of them."
Milbrandt has been tipped by law enforcement officials searching for Bell to keep an eye out for him, he might be headed back to Brown County. Bell has an ex-wife in Aberdeen, and likely children, as well as other family members.
"Law enforcement needs to be very careful if they do come in contact with him," Milbrandt said. "He's a dangerous person. He's going to serve life in prison, he's got nothing to lose. That's what scares me."
In my opinion this is the kind of slime ball who murdered JonBenét.


6 . "Not controlled enough"
Posted by mousey on Oct-19-99 at 08:15 AM (EST)
Quote:Same "interests" though.


7 . "Kyle Bell's Denver Trip"
Posted by Bluefire on Oct-19-99 at 09:19 AM (EST)
Quote:You are right Mousey, this slime was in jail in SD at the time anyway.
Nevertheless you can see how easy it is for this sort of monster to move around, set up camp with some woman,.... its a fairly clear picture of the type we are looking for. I suggest that any semi-transients who lived in cheap housing near the Ramseys be investigated. I have always believed that the person who killed JonBenét used a young woman as cover, or as a conspirator. This young woman should perhaps be offered immunity or a light sentence for coming forward at this time?
Bell in Denver
"According to Pederson, Bell is a friendly likable man who showed investigators that he had a temper, but did not appear dangerous."
"Pederson said Bell is smart and could be quick to build a new life somewhere far from North Dakota. He said Bell jumped bail several years ago while he was awaiting trial on the child molestation charges unrelated to the North murder. They found Bell in Denver a few months later, already living with a girlfriend who had a baby of her own.
Pederson said the woman returned with Bell while he stood trial, but returned to her home in Colorado afterward, and likely won't want to have anything to do with Bell."


8 . "Bluefire"
Posted by Misty on Oct-19-99 at 09:29 AM (EST)
Quote:LAST EDITED ON Oct-19-99 AT 09:34 AM (EST)
In your data base, is there a common factor that the children were killed away from the house? In child abductions (pedophiles), the child is usually killed away from the house and the body is found (I think I have this right), on average, within 200 yards of the murder site.


9 . "Neighborhood Perverts"
Posted by Bluefire on Oct-19-99 at 10:14 AM (EST)
Quote:The problem with my data base is that it only includes missing children, or those missing children who have been found or the perp caught, tried and convicted. These are abducted children so by definition they would be further away than 50 feet from the point of abduction. I believe that JonBenét would legally be considered an abducted child under traditional legal definitions if it were proven that she was removed from her bed to the basement by lure or by force, because it is more than 50 feet. Jonbenét was, in the traditional legal definbition, abducted.
But yes, most murdered abducted children are found within a 1/4 mile of their home. Many, for example, are taken to the neighbor's house (where the perp lives, usually semi-transient) which may be accross the street, or to a vacant lot near the house, or to the basement of an apartment, or an abandoned building. Then, unfortunately, there are perps with cars who lure, or grab a child off the street. Often the victim's body is never found in this case. So my data (vanished children) would be biased towards longer distances.
Now I think this brings up an interesting point:
JonBenét was removed from her bed and either lured or carried to the basement which was two floors down in a house the size of a small apartment building. The crime was committed in the basement. It is technically an abduction because the child was mover more than 50 feet to the site where she was assaulted and murdered. Noone has ever reported seeing a suspicious automobile. So I think it might be indicitive of an abduction by someone who lived close by who had no family except a girlfriend (perhaps accompolice)and no automobile.
The question is, what happened at the crime scene to cause the perpetrator to abandon the simple plan of stun gun the child and carry out to his rented space?? the party? the church service? perhaps it began to snow? or JonBenét resisted? Or the female accompolice got paranoid? the scream? something psychological? Some factor we've never considered?
A semi-transient neighbor hiding behind a girlfriend/accompolice (why are these women attracted to such monsters?) could have come from anywhere in the US (or abroad). He could have watched JonBenét and Burke play in the driveway or on the sidewalk, watched the family come and go and know their schedule, that they were rich. it would be easy to reconnitor the house, to break in when he/she they knew the house would be empty, to borrow the pad for an hour and return it. They would know that the Ramseys were lax in keeping the doors locked, might even be aware of where the key was hidden (most people hide their keys in such obvious places... they might as well leave the doors wide open IMO it would be safer). They would have had an opportunity to talk with JonBenét and Burke in what would have seemed an innocent exchange, "Whats your name little girl? Sure is a nice bike.... you know Santa is going to pay you a secret visit... " But how do you spell JonBenét?? Zjohnbenhey? The neighbor didn't know.
This theme of neighbor perverts killing children runs through so very many of these cases, I think, after hearing Maikai's report on the neighborhood, that this particular line of investigation needs to be followed through carefully. I would particularly look at anyone semi-transient whose girlfriend was the alibi.


10 . "Another Mid-Night Burgler?"
Posted by mousey on Oct-19-99 at 11:10 AM (EST)
Quote:LAST EDITED ON Oct-19-99 AT 11:11 AM (EST)
Early morning stabbing reported in Boulder
Boulder Police are investigating a stabbing reported at 3:10 a.m. today at 1444 Folsom St.
The unknown suspect entered the victim's apartment through an unlocked door on a second story balcony. After the attack, the suspect fled in an unknown direction.
The 22-year-old victim is recovering at Boulder Community Hospital. She is reported to be in stable condition.
This is the second incident of a similar nature reported at this apartment complex since August. No suspect has been identified in either incident.
Police are urging residents to lock all doors and windows, and to report any suspicious activity in the area.
Although there is no known connection to other cases in Boulder, detectives will investigate whether today's attack may be related to other, similar incidents.
Anyone with information about the attack is asked to call Boulder Police Detectives at 303-441-3330.


11 . "Rape-murder"
Posted by RHGC on Oct-19-99 at 11:15 AM (EST)
Quote:We had a somewhat similar case in Stamford 1n 1979, though the girl was 15. The rapist killed her when she said she would tell about the incident. I was serving in the state senate at the time and got passage of a bill making rape-murder a capital offense. Otherwise, the penalty for rape was not significantly different from murder and it encouraged the perp to kill the victim.

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  note - not handwriting
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-29-2018, 06:52 PM - Forum: Handwriting - Replies (2)

"pads of paper"
Posted by jams on Dec-24-99 at 00:04 AM (EST)

Quote:Seems that there were pads removed from the Ramsey house - at least two.
One was taken from the house at some point by Linda Hoffman Pugh - she gave it to investigators after the murder.
Another was taken from the house on the night of the party on December 23rd, 1996 - by none other than Fleet White.
Fleet was using a notepad to take notes while he was on the telephone. He took the pad with him when he left to go to Denver International Airport that evening, since all of his notes were on the pad.
Now, I don't happen to think either Fleet or Linda killed JonBenét Ramsey - but I want to let people know there WERE pads floating around.
Could someone have taken a pad from the house and returned it? Apparently the answer to that is "Yes."

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  guests at Christmas party 12/23/1996
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-29-2018, 04:12 AM - Forum: odds and ends - Replies (4)

      People at the Ramsey's Christmas party Dec. 23, 1996, 5pm-8pm
      * John and Patsy Ramsey, Burke, JonBenét
      * Don Paugh
      * Fleet and Priscilla White, daughter (5-6), son (7-8)
      * Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Brown (Priscilla's parents)
      * Cliff Gaston, boyfriend of Priscilla's sister, Allison Shoeny (attended alone, without his
      girlfriend) Said to be from California
      * Bill Cox, husband of Priscilla's niece Heather. (attended alone, without his wife) Said
      to be from California
      * John and Barbara Fernie, son (10), daughter (14-15?)
      * Friend of the Fernies - male (about 9)
      * Glen and Susan Stine, son (9)
      * Susan's mother
      * Glen's mother
      * Larry and Pinkie Barber, daughter (10?), son (6?)
      * Joe and Betty Barnhill
      * Their tenant Glenn Meyer said he was there
      * Linda Hoffman-Pugh, Ariana (12)
      * Bill and Janet McReynolds

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  Ollie Gray
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-27-2018, 03:17 AM - Forum: Names to remember - No Replies

Ollie Gray: Mar 30, 1936 – Apr 6, 2017

He started out working for the Boulder Police department but when he told them he couldn't help them make a case against the Ramseys - he saw evidence of an intruder  he as let go.  He later went on to work on the investigation on his own.  He always looked for the intruder.  Never believed the Ramseys did this.

I counted him as a true friend and after he passed, I inherited his files.

RIP, Ollie

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  RIP Dr. Beuf
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-27-2018, 03:09 AM - Forum: Prior sexual abuse - Replies (1)

Dr. Francesco Beuf: May 13, 1933 – May 11, 2017

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  Orchid Club
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-23-2018, 01:41 PM - Forum: Colorado crimes - No Replies

Archives | 1996
16 Indicted On Charges Of Internet Pornography
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The case began last spring with familiar horror: a 6-year-old girl returning home from a slumber party with a tale of sexual abuse by the father of one of her young friends.
Today, Federal officials said the girl in a small central California town had led them to one of the more distant frontiers of sexual crime.
In an indictment handed up here, a Federal grand jury charged 16 people in the United States and abroad with joining in a pornography ring that was effectively an on-line pedophilia club. Its members shared homemade pictures, recounted their sexual experiences with children and even chatted electronically as two of the men molested a 10-year-old girl, the authorities said.
The case appeared likely to heighten concerns about the spread of child pornography over the Internet. Debate has grown steadily over whether or how the government should impose obscenity standards in cyberspace, and Republican leaders have increasingly attacked the Clinton Administration for being insufficiently vigorous in the prosecution of on-line pornography cases.
Federal officials who investigated what defendants in the San Jose case called the "Orchid Club" said the crimes they came upon had little to do with questions of privacy or free speech.
Continue reading the main story

Continue reading the main story

"The thing that ups the ante in this case is that allegations of distribution of pornography are coupled with serious allegations of child molestation," said Leland B. Altschuler, the head of the United States Attorney's office in San Jose. "It's an issue relating to the protection of children, not to the First Amendment."
All 16 defendants were charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute child pornography, a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Six of the men were also charged with joining or abetting in the sexual exploitation of children. The six have already pleaded not guilty to sexual-abuse charges filed against them by local prosecutors.
In addition to 13 men arrested around the United States, officials said the group included members in Finland, Canada and Australia. Although arrest warrants have been issued for those three, officials said they were still only known by their computer aliases.
Investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation said they had been brought into the case by Sheriff's deputies in Monterey County, south of San Francisco.

Responding to a complaint by the mother of the 6-year-old in Greenfield, a farming town that calls itself the "broccoli capital" of California, deputies were led first to the father of the girls who had been hosts to the slumber party, Ronald Riva. They also found computer equipment that one 10-year-old said had been used to record her as she posed for Mr. Riva and a friend of his, Melton L. Myers.
Both men were arrested on April 22.
With help from Customs Service investigators in Silicon Valley, F.B.I. agents eventually uncovered computer files that began to trace the scope of the Orchid Club, one of the thousands of virtual conference rooms of Internet Relay Chat.
Officials said they did not have to conduct wire-tap surveillance or break into encrypted files; two of the accused conspirators collaborated with investigators, going on-line in the presence of law-enforcement agents to help track other members of the club.
The authorities said it was still unclear how Mr. Riva, 38, and Mr. Myers, a 54-year-old truck driver who had been convicted of molesting two children in Orange County in 1971, had found the other participants in the chat room.
Members of the club were received on the recommendations of other members, the officials said. After being given a password to enter the chat room, they were initiated by recounting one of their sexual experiences with a child. At least eight children were molested in connection with the club.
Transcripts from some of the conversations indicate that days before the party held at Mr. Riva's home, he asked other members of the club how they might like him to videotape the 10-year-old girl. While the abuse went on, prosecutors said, Mr. Riva and Mr. Myers continued the queries, describing to others in the chat room what they were doing.
"Some called it a 'virtual molestation,' " said D. Anthony West, the Federal prosecutor in charge of the case. "I think it was a very real molestation."

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  detectives' guild image -
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-23-2018, 11:49 AM - Forum: just BORG hate - Replies (1)

[Image: 25487624_1556881964360693_34453957855040...e=5BF6AE88]

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  from 48 Hours
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-20-2018, 03:42 AM - Forum: DNA under fingernails - Replies (2)

"I believe the technology of today makes it extraordinarily difficult for a killer not to leave his calling card," says police forensic specialist Greg LaBerge, referring to the suspect's complete DNA profile.
He believes he has the DNA for the man he suspects is the killer of JonBenet Ramsey: "It would be very, very helpful to the investigation to have that DNA matched to an individual."
The crime lab has two spots of JonBenet's blood found on the underwear she was wearing the night of the murder. Mixed in with that blood is the DNA of an unknown person. It has taken years to isolate, but forensic scientists in Colorado now have a complete DNA profile of the killer. They know the killer is a male. What they don't know is his name.
Augustin and Gray are convinced that the DNA sample belongs to JonBenet's killer, because of a small amount of matching DNA that also was found under the 6-year-old murder victim's fingernails.

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